Effective Methods of Painting the Texas Flag

The lone purpose of the Texas Flag Painting is representing the people living in the State of Texas. It is made up of three colors red, white, and blue, which represent a code. Red symbolizes bravery, blue stands for loyalty, and white represents purity. Making or painting the Texas flag can be artistic and a fun activity every family can enjoy. Painting skills are crucial in such adventure and can be acquired by a little bit of practice making an almost original flag. Below are the steps to follow;

Measure and Cut Flag Dimensions

First, measure the canvas, paper, wood, or any material intended to be used. These measurements should match the actual ratio of the flag. Texas State Library and Archive dictate that the size should be: the flag’s width is two-thirds of its length. Remember that the flag is displayed vertically with the star on top.

Place the Flag on a Flat Surface

After measuring, place the material on a flat surface, for example, a countertop or table. Doing this will prevent it from slipping, which leads to mistakes while painting. Keep the open paint on the edge of the table to ensure you can access it quickly during the process. The brush should be clean and its bristles keen to avoid paint contamination.

Paint the Blue Stripes

Start by painting the blue stripe, which usually is on the left-hand side. The painting stroke should be long and even. Remember that the blue line is a third of the flag’s length. For darker flags, apply more than one coating of the paint. Allow the painted blue stripes between 20 to 30 minutes for it to dry.

Paint the Red and White Stripes

Now paint the red and white stripes on the opposite side of the flag along the length. These two stripes, red and white, should be of equal size, and each occupies two-thirds of the length. The red stripes are placed at the bottom while the white stripes are at the flag’s top. Also, to make them darker apply more than one coating and give it another 20 to 30 minutes to dry.

Paint the Star

The lone star was used to represent the liberation of Texas from the Mexicans. Painting the star might prove to be a little confusing. The process will be more natural by first creating an outline of the star by freehand. The white star should be centered on the blue stripe and three-quarters of the previously painted blue stripe’s width. To prevent the blue paint from showing, paint more than one layer of the star and then allow it to dry for a similar time.

The Texas flag print is unique and significant to people living in Texas. Not only does it represent their state and livelihood, but also their leadership. For those who wish to make the flag by themselves, this guide provides a step by step procedure of creating the Texas flag print. For the process to be quicker, ensure that all this is done in a well-ventilated room.