The opening of the cases is a favourite element of gameplay and is familiar to fans of Dota 2 and CS:GO. In a few seconds, the player experiences the whole gamut of emotions in anticipation of the loss of the treasured object. But how much excitement and joy comes from owning rare game things!

Now even more fans who are 1xBet players can experience opening cases for their favourite games. The betting company has launched the NAVI Epic Drops campaign together with its partner – the esports organization NatusVincere. The promo will be valid from June 23 to July 6.


The conditions for NAVI Epic Drops are very simple. Players simply confirm participation in the promotions and place bets on 1xBet in the esports line. For every 1.5 dollars bet, the player will receive one key.

The user will be able to utilise the keys to open cases from which rare game items or other prizes may fall out. Potential items include the legendary AWP “Dragon Lore” for CS:GO or Dragonclaw Hook for Dota 2 – even S1mple and Magical would be happy with such a drop! More cases – more bonuses and cool items.

Bet on esports with 1xBet and get legendary items for your favourite game!