The eleventh season of ESL Pro League came to an end this week, with millions of fans across the world tuning in record amounts and a month’s worth of the highest amount of Counter-Strike action culminating in Fnatic becoming the only side to have won the competition three times, beating Mousesports 3-2 in the grand final.

One of the most successful tournaments in the game’s history, let’s take a look back at the action and pick out five of the standout performers from both the European and North American servers. 


  • Brollan (Fnatic) 


 Seventeen year old Brollan has been one of Counter-Strike’s most exciting prospects for some time, joining up with Fnatic in October 2018 and growing from strength to strength ever since. His daring opening frags and proficiency with the unnerfed SSG makes him one of the most entertaining players active in the game, and he netted himself his very first MVP award at ESL Pro League this year.

From the first game to the very last, Brollan has been the league’s most consistent player, but turned up big time in the clutch matches that saw Fnatic romp their way to the final. The young Swede ended the tournament with a 1.13 rating, which rose to 1.30+ plus in four of the five maps during the grand final match against Mousesports. 


  • KRIMZ (Fnatic) 


KRIMZ is one of the most decorated and celebrated players in the entire history of Counter-Strike and has really started 2020 in fine form, putting up Fnatic’s best performance stats during IEM Katowice and continuing on during the Pro League. 

During the last month or so of action, KRIMZ holds a 1.15 rating, averages 75.4% KAST (Kills, Assists, Survivals or Trades) per round and contributes 0.62 Deaths per Round. He is so often relied by Fnatic for his rifle flicks and clutch abilities, single handedly winning the crucial rounds many assume have been lost.  


  • ChrisJ (Mousesports) 


Mousesports have had a remarkable rise in recent times, winning Season 10 of the ESL Pro League and looking a good bet to make it back to back titles, something no team has ever managed, at Season 11. ChrisJ has been instrumental in the roster’s rise to the top having been in the side longer than anyone else, and consistently contributing some seriously stellar performances. 

With the likes of Woxic and Frozen in the side, having the steely and steadiness of Chris by your side can truly be invaluable. 


  • Elige (Team Liquid) 


Though one look at the esports betting markets for the tournament might have made you think differently, Team Liquid certainly didn’t have things their own way at ESL Pro League Season 11. The number one North American team lost to Swole Patrol and FURIA before finally kicking into gear thanks to star player Elige coming into some form. 

Liquid overcame Evil Geniuses 3-0 in the North American grand final, with Elige the stand out performer throughout, and the 22 year old scooped up his fourth tournament MVP award across his career. 


  • NAF (Team Liquid) 


Team Liquid were seriously dominated by NAF and Elige at Pro League Season 11. The only player who really matched Elige’s performances across the month, NAF really came to life in the tournament’s latter stages, standing out particularly against the Evil Geniuses on Dust 2 in the Grand Final.

All of NAF’s stats over the month are ranked in the ‘Good’ measure of success in comparison to the output of other players, with his 1.25 rating particularly standing out. During the course of Pro League, NAF averaged 0.76 Kills per Round at a headshot percentage of 45%.