Everything You Need to Consider When Buying a Piano

A well-made piano that sounds great may be a financial and musical investment. But it is often hard to figure out which model is appropriate for you.

Are you finding difficulty in choosing the proper piano for your kids or your use? While there are many references and guides online that offer you tips and advice before buying a piano, some are often very technical. As you browse for pianos for yourself, especially through the internet, you’ll start to get confused about where you should begin with, the variety of brands, piano types, instrument models, and costs. We cannot blame you. So, to help you out, here are some pointers that might function your factors to think about before getting to a piano shop in Singapore to settle on your instrument.

1. Do you enjoy its sound?

It’s vital to enjoy the sound of your piano, to get that sensation that it speaks and understands you. So albeit, you’re not a knowledgeable player, you ought to always sit down and play the instrument properly before contemplating buying it. Yes, like a test drive.

If you are not sure how to check for the piano’s tuning and sound, you can always ask for someone else to play and check it for you. If you’re battling the key and therefore the notes, your mind is so focused on not making an error, that you simply can’t consider the performance. So, it’s probably better to listen to somebody else play your piano too.

2. Do you have space for the piano?

A piano is additionally a bit of furniture, so you would like to think about whether you’ve got space for it in your home. Always take a good-sounding upright with good piano tuning over a grand one. Sound is far more important than any decorative advantages you would possibly get from a grand.

Back then, people had a special room just for their piano and music sessions. Especially dukes and countesses, nowadays, most people aren’t lucky enough to possess a piano room, so baby pianos and smaller grand models became a more popular choice.

3. Who is going to be playing it?

If you’ll be playing the piano yourself, remember that it’s important to be comfortable and one with it. It’s not about showing the piano sales guy what pieces you’ve practised. Even for starters and novices, the piano must be harmonious with you, and it should be something that you would like to play. 

When you’re choosing your instrument, attempt to play a spread of music within your range, and attack the keys differently to seek out exactly what the piano can do.

However, if the instrument is for your children, here’s what we suggest: If you’re trying to find a piano for them, and you don’t play – but don’t want to miss the chance to give musical education for your kids, probably don’t start with an expensive grand piano, just in case your child turns out to have another set of musical passion or something else entirely as passion.

4. Would it remain in the family afterwards?

If you’re buying a piano as an investment to reinforce your musical enjoyment, and if it would be staying in your family for generations, we suggest you get a reliable high-end piano.

Although, some played the instrument a bit in their childhood, then forgot about it, and went through their careers. Then they reached a particular point of nostalgic curiosity, then remembered the pleasure that they had from their musical experience, then found the love for piano once again.

So, if you can afford it, it would be wiser investing for a model which may be maximised by your children and their children, and more, which leads us to the next factor.

5. How much can you spend?

Pianos that endure time are now sought after and are an excellent investment. Not just in terms of cost, but also in terms of the musical experience, education, and culture, you’re bringing to a home.

If your budget is limited, some stores now offer instalment and piano rental programmes in Singapore. Or if your dream grand piano isn’t within your budget, you can still go for a smaller piano model. It’s better to buy a good-quality piano or a model that breaks your budget afterwards.

6. Always seek for the second opinion

Once you’re comfortable with everything about your choice, it is time to ask for a second opinion. Preferably, one that knows pianos and instruments. If you don’t feel comfortable taking advice from the salesperson, find an expert of someone with knowledge, who can help and guide you through your decision, sort of a mentor.

Buying a piano and piano maintenance are huge investments, so it is worth considering these things before buying your piano. Then, once you’ve found the right piece for you, you’ll be ready to spend your days making and writing beautiful music, you’ll enjoy it.


Magic is music, it’s something that can tap directly into our emotions and ignite our imaginations. It can make people move. However, that’s not all it can do. It can also make you smarter, happier, and healthier! The cognitive demands of learning to play the piano could help with every bit of yourself. Lastly, remember that nobody can tell you exactly the way to experience playing the piano, and the way you do benefits your brain differently from someone else. To know how much playing the piano can positively affect you, it starts with you choosing and buying the proper piano piece for you.

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