Everything You Need To Know About Bubble Wraps

Bubble bags or bubble wraps were first invented over 50 years ago to be used as wallpaper in order to appeal to the fans of avantgarde. But it didn’t work out that way and did not serve the purpose they were originally created for. Hence, later on it started to be used as the most common packaging material. The popularity of Bubble wraps and bubble bags is so much that each one of us are well aware of the facts that bubble bags provides excellent used in order to protect things of almost all sorts from the damage of the transit process.

Let us understand the primary purpose of bubble wraps in detail.

What is The Primary Purpose of Bubble Bags?


Bubble wraps or bubble wraps evolved to be the best in class packaging products available in the market. It is one of the most effective and extremely convenient ways of protecting fragile items during the process of transit from one place to another. This process could be by shipping or moving. Bubble bag provides a soft cushion type layer around the fragile item so it excellently handles the jerks from the transit process. It also protects the contents of the bubble wrap from getting damaged or broken. These come in quite a few quality. The standard ones are used to protect light to medium fragile range products while the premium quality of bubble bags works fantastically when it comes to protecting heavy goods or industrial products.

Moving ahead in this article, Now I will try to answer your legit question of whether bubble bags make an excellent insulator or not?

Apart from being an amazing choice for protecting your fragile items from the wear and tear caused due to the transportation process, it also works as a great insulator of all times. It is basically made up of non-porous plastic that helps in restricting the air from outside entering the package. It will ultimately reduce the overall potential of the growth of molds, damage caused by temperature, and humidity. Moreover, it also protects the content of the bubble bag from the heat of sun rays, making it an amazing insulator and protector from external and natural factors.


Can You Reuse Recycled Bubble Bags?


Talking particularly about reusing bubble bags, you can absolutely use them for as many rounds as the air in the bubbles are intact. Once all the air bubbles have been popped, you won’t be able to use it in order to serve the purpose really well. Hence, if you are planning on reuse the bubble bags, you must use it till it has air in the bubbles.

Furthermore, talking about the bubble wraps getting recycled, you have won the bet. Yes, it is an absolutely recyclable material leaving no harm on the environment. It is one of the most environmentally friendly packaging material types that is used to protect your fragile contents.

If you are a manufacturer of fragile goods, then  bubble bags make an excellent option for you to pack your goods in those bubble bags and get it delivered to the retailers, wholesalers, and distributing agents in an extremely economic friendly manner.


What Are Bubble Bags Actually Made Up of ?


There is a anser that how to make bubble wrap. Bubble wraps or bags are usually made up of polyethylene. It is basically a type of plastic which consists of thousands of evenly spread air packets. These air packets efficiently absorb the shocks at the time of shipping or transit. The process of manufacturing bubble wraps starts off with tiny beads of polyethylene resin. Then the beads are flattened into a sleek film like structure. Then the thin films are rolled and tiny holes are punched in the sheet. Once done, the holes are packed with air and again sealed with another thin film of the same.

The sealing film is coated so that the air is trapped inside the bubbles and can keep the content of the products safe and secured.

What Are The Several Advantages of Using Bubble Bags?

  • It is extremely easy to use.
  • Very strong and durable.
  • Extremely lightweight.
  • Incorporates good insulation properties.
  • 100% customizable. Moreover, seamless and hassle-free to trim, cut, and many more other things.
  • Transparent in colour, allowing you to see through the contents of the packaging.
  • Environmental friendly because it is absolutely recyclable.



I hope this article would have helped you to be aware of each and everything you need to know about bubble bags or bubble wraps. If you are a manufacturer or have a shipping agency then, the use of bubble wrap bags is inevitable for you. But this article was written to aware the general people so much, so that all of you would know what exactly is a bubble wrap or a bubble bag.