Everything you need to know about crane hire in the northwest

As cranes dominate the skyline of most major cities – including Manchester and Liverpool – construction in the UK shows no signs of slowing down.

If you’re planning a project this winter, a crane will make it easier for you to transfer heavy, cumbersome loads safely and efficiently. So make sure your build keeps pace, with the help of Bryn Thomas Cranes – experts in UK crane hire

CPA crane hire

If you’ve hired a crane for projects in the past, CPA (Construction Plant Association) crane hire is an excellent choice. And Bryn Thomas Cranes provide CPA crane hire to suit the requirements of all businesses and projects.

With this service, they provide a fully certified crane and operator and abide by your instructions – you are in complete control.

CPA contract lifting

Recommended if you’re new to crane hire. Bryn Thomas Cranes can organise a contract lift and take care of every aspect – providing a plan, risk assessment, appointed person, signaller and operator. Their team work to BS 7121 and LOLER regulations to maximise safety and efficiency.


The Bryn Thomas Cranes team invest millions of pounds into new equipment each year and whether you’re looking for crane hire in Manchester or Liverpool, they have an extensive fleet at your disposal. They also have the skill and expertise to help you select the best crane for the job Choose from:

  • city and small industrial cranes
  • general cranes
  • heavy cranes
  • mobile tower cranes
  • self-erecting cranes
  • telescopic cranes

They operate some of the most technologically advanced cranes in the UK – perfect for lifting loads up to 500 tonnes. With an extensive fleet, all their cranes are readily available. If you’re unsure which crane you need, call 01352 733 984 and Bryn Thomas Cranes will happily advise you.


If you only need a crane sporadically, crane hire is a great idea and provides fewer upfront costs than buying one. The cost of crane hire depends on 3 key factors such as:

  • crane size
  • duration of project
  • additional equipment needed

To find out exactly how much crane hire near you costs, complete the online enquiry form and they will get back to you with a competitive price.

Health and safety

Health and safety should always be a top priority and at Bryn Thomas Cranes, you can expect cranes to be operated in a safe and professional manner, reducing the risk of accidents and injuries.

Construction companies in the northwest are no stranger to cold, wet and windy weather, but with the right equipment and experience, there’s no reason why lifts can’t be completed quickly and safely.

In handing the responsibility of crane hire in Liverpool or Manchester to Bryn Thomas Cranes, you needn’t worry about the weather causing you to fall behind your project schedule.



Whether it be crane hire in Manchester or crane hire in Liverpool, you will need to have full comprehensive cover to protect operators, fleet, goods and plant/property. Bryn Thomas Cranes provide Lifting Damage CPA Subrogation Wavier Scheme for CPA hire which covers:

  • accidental damage to crane to the full replacement value
  • loss of hire charges as a result of damage to the crane
  • goods being lifted to the value of £25,000

They also provide full insurance cover for all contract lifts, ensuring maximum liability for goods. You can arrange additional cover for goods as an extra by emailing info@brynthomascranes.com and discussing your needs with a manager. With contract lifts, you are still required to provide your own cover for negligence, inadequate or unstable ground and incorrect information supplied about the load or site.

Contact Bryn Thomas Cranes

If you’d like to know more about crane hire in your local area, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Bryn Thomas’ head office on 01352 733 984 and they’ll help you to find your local depot. You can also email info@brynthomascranes.com and they will be more than happy to answer your questions.