Everything You Need To Know About Getting Married In Illinois

Illinois is a great place to tie the knot with your significant other. You are certainly going to love everything about hosting your wedding here. Illinois is the part of the US where you get to enjoy the Midwestern vibe on your wedding day. Having your wedding planned and done in Illinois is a lifetime experience that you will always remember.

There are beautiful wedding sites in the big city, Chicago and even in the rural part of Illinois. The scenery and air here are amazing. There are wedding professionals who are readily available to make this once in a lifetime ceremony a memorable and super exciting one. Wedding ceremonies are one of the many things you can enjoy doing in Illinois.

A wedding ceremony comes with several plans that you may forget one while worrying about another. One of the important things to secure before your big day is a marriage license. Without a marriage license, there is no marriage, so you have to make plans to get your marriage license before the big day.

Getting An Illinois Marriage License

As mentioned earlier, a marriage license is of utmost importance when you are getting married in Illinois. An Illinois marriage license that validates your marriage is issued to you in the County office where you intend to get married.

 To be considered eligible for an Illinois marriage license, you and your partner must be at least 18 years of age at the time you are applying for the marriage license. If either of you is below 18 years old, you would need parental consent before your application can be processed.

Also, neither of you must be currently in a legal marriage. Every previous marriage must be terminated before the time of application. Divorced applicants or widowed applicants must be able to provide proof of divorce or death of a former partner.

Requirements For Marriage License In Illinois

As you are planning your marriage with your significant other, you can as well be putting the necessary documents for a marriage license together. To get an Illinois marriage license, you need to provide the County Clerk with your birth certificate, a photo ID which could be a driver’s license, passport, state-issued ID, etc, proof of divorce if for a divorced applicant, and proof of parental consent for applicants below 18 years.

Getting Married In Illinois

Intending couples must know that an Illinois marriage license is not valid outside Illinois and within the County where you were issued the license. So, be sure that you visit the County Clerk office where you will be getting married. For example, a marriage license issued in Cook County may not be valid in Bureau County.

You can be married by an officiant who could be an active or retired Judge ( federal or state), minister at a religious denomination, or the Cook County Clerk. After the wedding ceremony, the officiant sends your marriage license to the Clerk’s office for recording, after which you can request a copy.

Can I get Married In Illinois if I Don’t Live There?

Illinois does not have residency restrictions, so you don’t have to be a resident before you can get married in Illinois. Illinois law permits out-of-state couples to marry in Illinois. You may, however, be required to sign an affidavit stating that your marriage is not void in your home state.

Finding A Wedding Venue

This won’t be a difficult feat as there are several beautiful wedding venues in Chicago and other cities in Illinois, both public and private venues. You need to get a permit if you intend to hold your wedding in a public venue. This will prevent intrusion or any form of disturbance on your big day.

Getting Your Marriage Certificate

Your marriage certificate is not ready until your marriage license is sent back to the County Clerk for recording. After your marriage license has been recorded, you can demand a copy of your marriage certificate as it will not be sent to you automatically.

You can only request your marriage certificate from the County where your marriage license was issued. Some Counties in Illinois won’t provide you with a certified copy upon request. You can only get the legal copy from them in person, or in your mail for a fee.  If you need help getting married in Illinois, be sure to visit U.S Marriage Laws for more information.