Everything You Need to Know About IBDP in Singapore

The International Baccalaureate in Singapore provides an education and learning for pupils from age 3 to 19, comprising four programmes that concentrate on mentor pupils to assume seriously as well as separately, and also how to ask with care as well as logic. The IB presently engages with more than one million students in over five thousand schools throughout 153 nations.


What is the IB Diploma Programme?

The International Bachelor’s Degree (IB) was founded in Geneva, Switzerland in 1968 by a collective of ingenious educators, which saw a need for an international approach to education that would certainly gear up young people with the abilities, values as well as knowledge needed to develop a much more relaxed future.

Their difficulty in producing education and learning that was academically strenuous, with an institution leaving certification that was approved by the finest colleges around the world. Combining their cumulative skills, experience as well as competence in all areas of education and learning, they developed the IB.

From this solid structure, instructors have remained to create and also co-create education and learning for 50 years as well as today, it is equally as real to its beginning ethos and also worths of education for a much better world.

The original objective of the IB Program was to provide the kids of mediators and other experts a standardized education regardless of where they relocated to Europe or America’s large east coast cities. In time, the number of IB schools grew. With development came the change. As IB spread to more countries, IB pupils started to learn various languages as part of their curriculum. Likewise, even more, universities started approving IB Diplomas instead of a typical secondary school diploma. By the late 1980s, IB had spread practically all over the globe.

Today, several countries pertain to an IB Diploma or IBDP in Singapore as equal to their own nation’s secondary school diploma. This is a fantastic advantage to Singaporean IB. students thinking about most likely university supervisors.


Academic growth and excellence

Do you desire to increase your scholastic capability, intellectual capacity as well as character to become a leader of the future? Then the IBDP in Singapore is the programme for you.

It is designed to run for two years for pupils between the ages of 16 to 19. Choosing training courses for the 6th kind of study can be a little overwhelming, especially when there are quite a few alternatives out there so, what is so special about the IBDP is that it makes it a wonderful selection for those that want to go into the very best universities throughout the globe.

Why should you select to pursue it? We have actually integrated all of the details you need to understand the International Bachelor’s degree Diploma and make a decision if it is the most suitable educational program for you.

The basic difference between both is the educational program’s approach to developing both academic breadth and mind-sets.

A-Levels limit subject choices to simply three (sometimes 4 for more powerful academics), usually within one academic location of research study, restricting choice as well as for some supplying the extra difficulty of making college course impacting decisions at just 16.

The IB Diploma Program or IBDP in Singapore concentrates on using both deepness and also breadth of academic research. The subject curriculum covers languages, scientific research, humanities and also the arts, making sure trainees neither need to specialise at simply 16 nor restrict their college alternatives.


Substance over form

The 6 IB Diploma subjects are researched at either Typical Level (SL) or Higher Degree (HL), typically 3 of each degree.

Higher Degree subjects supply you with the deepness of research; Requirement Degree gives you range, and the result is that the IB Diploma program generates science trainees who still read classical literature pieces; humanities and society students maintain the skills of scientific and mathematical deduction; language students pros likewise have an appreciation of the arts of culture and history.

The IB programme produces outstanding, well-rounded young students, far-better equipped for the multi-discipline real challenges they will undoubtedly encounter in life.

In order to decide upon which classes to take and study at a higher level and what at a standard level, students should consider what their career aspirations are and what course they hope to do at university. It is also important to consider certain requirements that any countries may have. The advice of your teachers and IB Diploma Coordinators along with your school reports, exam results and interests should help you in deciding upon the right mix of subjects.

Avoid taking and studying a class or subject simply because your friend is taking it, or you have been urged to choose to study something which is a popular choice but is not appropriate for you.

The IBDP in Singapore structure and curriculum allows you to play with your strengths so use this opportunity wisely to get the best class selection to suit your skills, abilities and future aspirations.

IB schools offer individual assistance and usually, it is allowed to have a trial period for you to try out the different classes and subjects. Usually, there is a one-year Pre-IB Programme, specifically for international young students who might need a short period of adjustment and learning before fully committing to the IBDP in Singapore.It is usually possible to make changes with your courses in the first weeks of the very first term, should your initial choice not work.

If you wanted to be a man of the law, you would be encouraged to take IBDP History and also possibly Psychology. If you want to go and practice medicine, then you could choose Biology, Anatomy, and Chemistry. If you are fluent and word-smart, then focus on languages, then exceptional student candidates could even choose a third or foreign language to study too. The International Baccalaureate in Singapore is designed to be flexible and you should use this to your advantage.


The IB Diploma’s Inner Core

At the same time as studying the academic subjects, there are other compulsory core elements designed to develop you into an all-round leader of the future. This is an aspect of the International Baccalaureate in Singapore that greatly distinguishes it from other curriculums, it enhances your suitability for the top universities and helps shape you into a well-rounded applicant.

IB Diploma Theory of knowledge

The very first of these core IBDP elements is called Theory of Knowledge (ToK).

This certain course often starts as the most confusing one of the IBDP subjects but often ends up as the students’ favourite part of the programme. Basically, the Theory of Knowledge asks an important question: ‘How do you know what you know?’.

This question is examined along with the scholastic disciplines so that the entire programme gives a holistic, natural experience. The study of ToK will test your preconceived ideas, will certainly create your critical thinking as well as rational evaluation and also offer the stimulation to establish your intellectual capacity.

To assist you in establishing the abilities required to prosper in this research study, ToK is instructed over both years of the programme and also private topics commonly have aspects of ToK investigation. The ToK course is analyzed with public speaking and an essay. Normally, the essay title requires you to come close to the subject reflecting two or more subject perspectives. Whilst, at first, the topic could appear abstract, the content of the training course is grounded securely in the academic subjects you study. The all-natural nature of the programme assists in a synthetic understanding of the various elements of the program.

The Extended Essay

The 2nd core element is the prolonged essay. When you get to college you will be expected to compose an essay properly researched and also referenced. You have no demand to fret if you study the IBDP in Singapore. All pupils are required to write a fully researched as well as properly referenced essay of 4,000 words.

This provides you with a remarkable advantage when you go to college yet additionally a sense of accomplishment and also a success when you finish your essay. It is likewise a facet of the International Baccalaureate Diploma that admissions officers actually worth. The IB Diploma has long been held in prestige by the university admissions team.

You have the ability to decide the subject for your research study and also you will receive assistance and also assistance both from your other trainees and also a marked teacher. In addition to providing a sense of contentment, just imagine the amount of information it will give when you involve discussing your findings with a university admissions tutor.

Creativity, Activity and Service

As well as developing your academic and your intellectual capacities, the IBDP in Singapore will certainly develop you into a remarkable young person.

Three facets of this are compulsory elements of the Diploma Programme:

  • Creative thinking: this includes the arts and other experiences that involve creativity. You will be challenged to develop and use your imaginative abilities.
  • Activity and productivity: the need is for you to take part in an exercise. This is made to add to a healthy and balanced lifestyle and also it matches your academic work. The objective is to develop an all-round individual, not one who just hangs around behind a work desk.
  • Solution and application: this entails the volunteer solution of others. It can be a local, national and/or international project which brings you learning benefits as well as satisfaction, the opportunity to follow your convictions and develop altruism and a genuine concern for others.

The CAS even projects challenges you to show initiative, demonstrate perseverance and develop skills such as collaboration, problem-solving and decision making.


The bigger picture and the results

The Diploma Programme just like the IB PYP in Singapore was set up to prepare you to be one of the world’s top students. It establishes you academically, intellectually and all at once individually. It likewise efforts to establish qualities in you that will certainly prepare you for life.

Indeed, it is so useful that it unifies all in an institution with a common focus: on the whole person, as a lifelong student. It relates to us all, trainee, teacher, moms and dad or managers, for we are all continuously discovering.

By now you would certainly have seen that the IB Diploma offers a lot of breadth because of the variety of topics trainees do, along with a wealth of individual growth supplied by the extra parts such as Extended Essay Task, Imagination, Activity and also Sporting Activity and also ToK.

It holds true that the IB is a better fit for you if you appreciate an even more difficult environment and also independent research. It is likewise a time-consuming effort; that being claimed, do students doing the International Bachelor’s degree obtain extra in the long-term? Yes, they do. IB trainees are more likely to head to a global university, and also they are likewise more likely to obtain a first-class level as well as being among the top of their class.

The International Bachelor’s Degree in Singapore is believed to be much better suited forever in our vibrant globe due to the fact that it furnishes students with lots of non-academic skills that still enter into play at college. Typical benefits that IB Diploma alumni have are motivation, work practices, time administration, the capability to form their own viewpoints, research study, writing as well as logical abilities as well as the capability to attract interdisciplinary links.

The IBDP creates various aspects of a trainee’s student account: scholastic, analytical along with psychological. The program is motivating young students to believe seriously, reflectively and in broad-minded means, appreciating others’ point of views along with societies.

Students additionally participate in regional and international as well as brave jobs. This shows the IB goal that trainees do not simply wind up being active in addition to caring individuals of the area and also culture. Nonetheless, likewise, develop international-mindedness.

The International Bachelor’s level program advises trainees across the globe to wind up being diligent, thoughtful, long-lasting pupils that worth and likewise respect social distinction. It’s an enthusiastic objective, yet preparing youths with the proficiency, self-sufficiency, understanding, involvement as well as a connectedness to supply their suitable in an interdependent world truly is enlightening the entire person. The enduring and also resilient education is given by the IBDP in Singapore enables pupils to have an extra holistic sight of whatever in life.

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