Everything You Should Know about the Various Materials for Your Bedroom Wardrobe

Bedroom wardrobes are seen as essential furniture for the bedroom as a storage solution, so while designing your bedroom, you should also think about the wardrobe designs for your space. And choosing the right material while making a wardrobe for your bedroom is essential, for instance. But wardrobe materials can differ in variety, so a lot also depends on your taste. The materials for wardrobes can range from wood to metal to synthetic partex board or glass, and you should choose wisely. Here’s everything you should know about the various materials for your bedroom wardrobe.


There are different covering elements for wardrobes available, including pine, oak wood, synthetic particle board, glass, metal, etc., and you can choose the covering elements for your wardrobe according to the theme you want to apply in your room.

The use of wood has been a basic necessity since the beginning of furniture making, but the use of wood today is as fashionable as in the past. You can always apply wood materials in bedroom wardrobes and still keep them trendy. The colour of different woods goes with almost every theme, enhancing the beauty of your room, as the fitted wardrobes Manchester specialists from myfittedbedroom.com attest. The use of wood as a covering element will help give your wardrobe an elegant, charming look. Wood is easy to maintain and long-lasting as well, and you can choose different designs of wooden wardrobes according to your choice and budget. Also, if you’re unsure, you can consult with a furniture or wardrobe maker and make one according to your needs and circumstances. Wood furniture can be a little more expensive than other furniture, but it is always worth the investment.

Synthetic partex board

The use of synthetic partex board has been trending for the last 20 or 30 years; it is popular because you can use any colour you want: wood, white, pink, off-white, black, and almost all other colours available. Wardrobe designs for bedrooms can be very easy with synthetic partex board because it is:

  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to make
  • Available in various colours
  • Easy to update/change

As these boards are available in various colours, they are more diverse for any theme you might want to choose. These boards are available in home improvement shops and are easy to use. You can buy the boards and quickly get the type of look you want. Using synthetic partex board also gives your room a lighter feeling. Bear in mind, however, that if you are installing it yourself, you’ll need to have a good knowledge of DIY.

Metal and glass

Nowadays, we also see enamel-coated metals and glass for wardrobe designs. Enamel coated metals and glass help give your room a contemporary look. Glass reflects light or is transparent, so its application helps make the room look brighter and bigger. Enamel-coated metals are found in every colour imaginable – bright colours, for instance, can give your room a gorgeous, airy look. They are also long-lasting and light in weight. You can even use a combination of enamel-coated metals or glass with your wardrobe. The use of glass on the doors of your wardrobe may even make your room look sleeker and more futuristic. With all these choices in-store, don’t forget the practicality of your wardrobe as well, and do the best research you can to get the best fit.