Examples Of Successful eCommerce Models During The Pandemic

eCommerce has been the most prolific business sector during the past couple of months. With people forced to buy from online retailers, many eCommerce colossuses have approached new pieces of technology, developed a number of different funnel strategies and, most importantly, outscale competitors. Other than Amazon, what were the most prolific eCommerce businesses in this 2020? Let’s find out.

Medical Supplies 

When the COVID-19 Pandemic started, there have been a number of businesses who struggled in both supplying and selling masks. Those were, in fact, the most wanted items on an international scale, which was something that no one has seen before. On top of these, probiotic supplements retailers have seen a net influx in traffic in this period, with some achieving over 40% in revenue, comparable to Amazon’s. Medical supplies have been, in fact, the kings of eCommerce during this pandemic. 

Technology Value Over User Experience

The days of user experience for your eCommerce website are over. Nowadays, companies want to present you the product which you’re most likely to buy, by using your personal data (legally). That’s why businesses who operate within tech development of eCommerce portals are insanely successful nowadays. A tool which is able to build and maintain a certain number of data influxes on your site is a prerogative for what will be the post COVID eCommerce world: competitive and precisely tailored upon your users’ behaviour. It’s important to understand that, in fact, what is happening now is the foundation for the future of e-commerce will be. 

The Fashion Industry

Another sector who’s seen the light despite this global pandemic has been the fashion industry. Specifically fast-fashion, who’s maintained solid sales results even despite the fact that many people were forced to stay indoors. The fashion industry who strongly operates within eCommerce has become quite easy to set up for the independent retailer, with tools like Shopify, Magento and other CMS, in fact, it is possible to build strong architectures without being a tech guru. The fashion sector as a whole will most likely grow up even further once this pandemic lifts, since the need for new outfits will grow in the whole world. If you’re an independent designer, this is the prime time for you to set up and build a brand! 

To Conclude 

These are the most prolific sectors within eCommerce and, given such signals, we can expect them to flourish even after this global pandemic.