Exploring Local Cuisine: Popular Delicacies in Reykjavic, Iceland

Iceland’s natural beauty has many tourists coming to visit. There are so many things to see and experience in Iceland. The country is surrounded by the ocean so fish and seafood are a common part of their cuisine. Most of the local food in Reykjavik Iceland includes fish, potatoes, dairy, bread, and lamb.

History of Iceland’s Cuisine

Iceland’s cuisine originated from the Scandinavian cuisine after the Norse Vikings lived in Iceland from the 9th century.

Local Food in Reykjavik Iceland

One of the ways of getting to know a place is by trying out their native food. In Iceland, there are a variety of foods that you can sample.

Here are some of the local foods that you can try when you are in Iceland.

Icelandic lamb

Sheep is a common thing in Iceland and they outnumber humans there. Lamb meat in Iceland has a different flavor than in other countries because of the way the sheep are raised. They can roam in the highlands until autumn. As a result, the meat has a deeper flavor. Lamb from Iceland is almost organic because using hormones and antibiotics are not commonly used.


This is a bird that was previously used to symbolize the country. This is a cute little bird with dark meat and lives by the ocean to eat fish. Puffin is often smoked or eaten raw.


Graflax is also known as salmon that’s cured with dill. This is a staple in parties and buffets and served as starters. Graflax can be served with a honey-mustard dressing that has dill flavor.

Icelandic craft beer

There are plenty of small craft breweries that you can find in Iceland and tour most of them. To actually compare and taste the different types of beer, there are four bars in Reykjavik that specialize in craft beers. These are Microbar, Skúli Craft Bar, Bjórgarðurinn, and BryggjanBrugghús. They all have local beers on tap.


This local food in Reykjavic is dried fish that is usually eaten by itself or with butter. It tastes a bit salty but is very chewy. This local delicacy is often used as a great snack.

Horse meat

This is another delicacy of Iceland. While horses are popular for rides and races, they are also good tasting. Horse meat is lean, much tender, and lighter than beef. It has a good and distinct flavor but not that strong. Horses in Iceland are also free to roam the mountains over the summer. They are also fed with hay harvested in summer, just like the sheep. The use of hormones to horses is also prohibited and using antibiotics is regulated.

Minke Whale

Minke whale meat can be found in Iceland. It has a slice of dark and tender meat that tastes very much like steak. It is best cooked rare or medium-rare. Well-done is not recommended as it will not taste so good.

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