Facade Inspection and Upgrade in New Jersey

In August of 2021, Jersey City, New Jersey, enacted legislation concerning structural and facade inspections of multi-story structures. The terrible circumstances following the collapse of the Champlain Towers in Surfside, Florida, motivated the Jersey City Council to adopt this legislation.

Under the ordinance, a NJ structural engineer must check the facade at least once every five years. Structures taller than six stories or with masonry facades of at least four stories are required to undergo a commercial building inspection in New Jersey. All external walls and attachments must also be examined and constructed according to the Jersey City Construction Code Official’s specifications.

The code requires property owners to submit a documented Facade Inspection Report to the Division of the Construction Code Official within thirty days after the inspection. The report must attest to the inspection findings, clearly describing the building’s facade and indicating whether it is safe. Moreover, it must also include recommendations for repairs and maintenance, indicating which repairs are urgent and setting a deadline by which all repairs must be completed.

Although the law does not apply to low-rise structures, owners of such properties should routinely inspect for indications of deterioration. They should make any required repairs before these issues result in more severe problems.

A routine facade examination and upgrade allow the building owner to enhance the property’s structural integrity. It may also be used to create a budget for capital repairs and restoration projects and to provide compliance with local facade inspection rules.

Upgrades to a building’s facade may improve its appearance. Although facade upgrades may be expensive, they are necessary to maintain the long-term safety and well-being of building occupants and can increase the asset’s worth.

Asset owners must analyze building requirements and identify feasible alternatives to maximize the benefits of facade improvements. This is possible with the help of a commercial building engineer NJ.

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