Facial Reconstruction Solution for Skin Deformation

Severe burns and skin cancer might leave your skin looking uneven and lower your self-esteem. Luckily facial reconstruction surgery advancement could help deal with the issues. Additionally, if you have cosmetic concerns due to skin issues, facial surgery could help fix the issues. You should ask for facial reconstruction in Scottsdale to help fix the skin issues as it could make the process simpler during follow-up routines.

Who Needs Facial Reconstruction?

Almost all surgery patients could need facial reconstruction and it could be necessary if you had skin cancer and a large chunk of skin was removed from your face during treatment. Your doctor should make cancer elimination a priority, and they should focus on facial reconstruction after the cancer is healed. If you lose your facial features due to an accident or burns, facial reconstruction could be best for aesthetics and functionality. Additionally, you can get facial reconstruction as a cosmetic procedure to improve your looks and get the desired facial features.

Your doctor will consider the possibility of moving tissues from other parts of the body to use in facial reconstruction. They will assess the crucial function of the tissues and how the scar placement after surgery could affect the overall functionality of features and aesthetic choices of a patient. Patients would heal faster with reconstruction after surgery than when they do not conduct facial reconstruction. The addition of tissues to the areas after skin cancer surgery acts as filler matter which make the facial features look normal after surgery. Contrarily, patients who do not get facial reconstruction could have distortion of features after surgery.

What to Consider When Getting Facial Reconstruction

Since the extent of the surgery ranges from small closures to large flaps of tissues, it is wise not to focus on the size of reconstruction rather on the quality of the reconstruction. Your surgeon should abide by the rules of cosmetic and medical surgery when administering facial reconstruction procedures. You should ensure that the surgeon places the suture lines where the natural lines already occur as it gives better healing long term when they fall under the natural lines. 

How Long Could Heal After Facial Surgery

The time it could take to heal from facial reconstruction could vary from the size of the reconstructed area. Patients with closures might need five to seven days and those with grafts might need more than one week to heal properly. Within a month the reconstruction will be completely healed, and it will continue to fade and the complete results might be seen after one year.

Side Effects of Facial Surgery

Swelling is the most likely side effect of facial surgery depending on the area under surgery and the removal of the bandages. Because of the swelling, it could be better to get a designated driver when the facial reconstruction is on the central part of the face.


Facial reconstruction is necessary especially if you go through facial cancer removal surgery or cosmetic plastic surgery. It would help to get a surgeon who focuses on retaining the facial features after an accident or removal of tumors. The process helps retain the facial features as it eliminates deformations on the face.