Factors That Get You into Tango Addiction That Can Affect Your Personal Life

Any addiction is a brain disorder. It is an urge to do something repetitively. For example, addiction to alcohol doesn’t start instantly. Initially, the person takes a small dose and gets high. He or she forgets all pain, sorrows and enjoys the current high state of mind. To get the same feeling, that person consumes alcohol again. This keeps on going until the tolerance level. Then gradually the amount of consumption is increased which later becomes an addiction. 

Addiction to anything is bad because in the end your mind and body cannot resist it. Addiction can be for anything, it does not necessarily have to be for drugs or alcohol. It means getting used to something in daily life and staying without it is impossible. Addiction can be behavioral, mental, physical, or sociological. 

According to a recent study, it has been stated that tango is an addictive dance. The consequences of dancing tango are always positives, but many dancers have complained of withdrawal symptoms. For example, some dancers claim that they feel uncomfortable, sad, or their legs prickle. 

Reasons for Tango Addiction


Tango dance is between two partners. It is not only a dance but a feeling of emotions, to rely on someone, to find a shoulder to lie on, and to hold someone and get touched by someone. Tango can be danced with anyone. The urge of being touched and felt decent is also a kind of addiction. Two people float or dance together by hugging each other’s bodies. People use it as a light-hearted dance to release their emotions. 

Personal Transformation

Tango dance not only teaches steps and movements but it also teaches to move legs and hands with style and elegance. As you get used to the dance form, your body also transforms accordingly. Your body language, gestures, way of talking, walking, everything is elegant and appealing. As if you want to be seen. 

Releases Endorphins

When you start tango you feel excited and better as you get used to it, you just don’t want to miss a chance of enjoying it. Tango makes you feel better and who wants to miss the chance of feeling better. It releases endorphins which make you feel good and therefore you never want to miss a single class or milonga. 

Escape from stress

One-fourth of the American population is suffering from stress disorder. This stress can be due to personal or professional left. A bad relationship, financial burden, overworked at job or unemployment, medical illness, etc. Stress can happen due to any reason. Tango dance is considered the best way to shed away all stress. Tango dance requires full attention which means the person has no time to think about anything else. After dancing for one hour the dancers are refreshed. 

It takes a long time to learn the tango properly. Those who learn it gain passion which they’re never able to outgrow. 

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