Few Tips for Hiring a Dog Trainer for Your Pet

Are you looking for a suitable dog trainer for your pet dog? You can find such dog trainers in a number of ways. 

Few ways of finding dog training service are as follows:

  • Ask your vet to recommend a trainer
  • Talk to your neighbors or friends who may have availed the service of a dog trainer
  • Search on Google

You can surely get the addresses and number of several dog trainers or such service providers. However, you also need to exercise your judgement to know who can be the right person or service providers for your pet dog.

Following are few things that you need to check about your dog trainer:

  • How much experience the trainer has?
  • Has he got any certification in this profession?
  • What is the feedback of his old clients?
  • What are the facilities available with the trainer?

How will you really know that you have got right dog trainer?

After you have got contact numbers of few dog trainers from various sources that are mentioned above, now it is time to select one for your pet. Check for the following:

  • How they respond to you when you call them?
  • If you have contacted through email, then does he reply you immediately?
  • Are they ready to spend some time to discuss with you?

Whether your answer is positive or negative will really matter much but you will get a feel whether you will be ready to work with the person or not.

It will be nice if the dog trainers respond well and in a timely manner, but you need to check whether his personality is matching with you or not. 

If you find uncomfortable with the way he is talking to you then perhaps your dog will not get the training as per your liking.

The point here is that both your dog as well as you must gel well with your dog trainer and if the response is good then he will be the right person to train your dog.

What are the things that you must ask?

When you are conducting interview to all the prospective dog trainers, you are certainly going to ask him few questions. Following can be few good questions to ask them.

  • What tools and methods are you going to use for training my dog?
  • What will you do if the dog does something that you may not like? 
  • What kind of rewards will you use for the dog? 
  • How often will you meet my dog to provide him training?
  • What certifications have you got as dog trainer? 
  • How long are you providing training to dogs? 
  • Can you give me any of your past references? 
  • How much the whole training will cost?

How to decide?

After interviewing any one dog trainer, you analyze whether you are fully satisfied with all the answers that he has given? If you think you are not completely satisfied then keep interviewing few more until you find one who very closely matches to your thoughts.