Find Your Ideal Home Type: A Guide to 21 House Styles

Choosing a home is more than just selecting a place to live; it’s about finding a space that resonates with your personality, lifestyle, and aesthetic preferences. With a myriad of house styles available, it can be overwhelming to decide which one is right for you. This guide introduces you to 21 popular house styles to help you find your ideal home. As you explore these styles, consider the benefits of living in a new home community in Manatee County like North River Ranch.

  1. Cape Cod: Originating in the 17th century, Cape Cod homes are characterized by steep roofs, symmetrical facades, and dormer windows. They often have a cozy, cottage-like feel.
  2. Colonial: Known for its rectangular shape and brick or wood facade, Colonial homes often feature evenly spaced windows and a central front door.
  3. Victorian: With intricate details, bay windows, and often a turret, Victorian homes are grand and ornate, reminiscent of the late 19th century.
  4. Tudor: Drawing inspiration from medieval England, Tudor homes have steeply pitched roofs, half-timbering, and tall, narrow windows.
  5. Ranch: Single-story and sprawling Ranch homes became popular in the 1950s and 60s. They often feature a simple, open floor plan.
  6. Craftsman: Emphasizing handcrafted details, Craftsman homes often have overhanging eaves, exposed rafters, and decorative brackets.
  7. Mediterranean: Inspired by countries like Spain and Italy, Mediterranean homes feature stucco walls, red-tiled roofs, and arched doorways.
  8. Contemporary: With clean lines, large windows, and innovative designs, contemporary homes prioritize function and modern aesthetics. They are increasingly popular in new home communities in Manatee County.
  9. Cottage: Quaint and charming cottages often have a storybook appearance with arched doors, bright colors, and a cozy interior.
  10. Farmhouse: Originally designed for functionality, farmhouses have a straightforward design with large porches and gabled roofs.
  11. Prairie: Influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, Prairie homes emphasize horizontal lines and flat or hipped roofs.
  12. Georgian: Symmetrical and stately, Georgian homes often feature brick facades, decorative cornices, and multi-pane windows.
  13. Mid-Century Modern: Celebrating simplicity and nature, these homes from the 1950s and 60s often have flat planes, large glass windows, and open spaces.
  14. Greek Revival: Inspired by ancient Greek architecture, these homes boast tall columns, pediments, and symmetrical shapes.
  15. Colonial Revival: A blend of Colonial and Victorian styles, these homes often have gabled roofs, symmetrical facades, and classical details.
  16. Split-Level: Designed with multiple floor levels, split-level homes often have a primary level for living, an upper level for bedrooms, and a lower level for recreation.
  17. A-Frame: Named for its steep, triangular roof that resembles the letter ‘A,’ this style is often found in snowy regions due to its ability to shed snow quickly.
  18. Pueblo Revival: Drawing inspiration from Native American pueblos and Spanish missions, these homes have flat roofs, rounded edges, and earthy materials.
  19. Gothic Revival: Characterized by pointed arches, steep gables, and intricate wood trim, Gothic Revival homes are reminiscent of medieval Europe.
  20. Saltbox: Unique in design, Saltbox homes have a long, pitched roof that slopes down to the back, often with a central chimney.
  21. Bungalow: Originating in India, bungalows are single-story homes with wide verandas, overhanging beams, and low-pitched roofs. They are a favorite choice for many in new home communities in Manatee County.

In conclusion, while each architectural style narrates its own unique tale, there’s something undeniably special about embracing the future in a new home community like North River Ranch in Parrish, FL. Opting for a new construction home in this community offers numerous advantages. Firstly, new builds ensure modern amenities, energy-efficient features, and adherence to the latest building codes, ensuring safety and sustainability.

Additionally, North River Ranch’s strategic location in Parrish offers residents a harmonious blend of tranquility and accessibility, making daily commutes and weekend getaways equally convenient. The community itself is designed with a vision of fostering connections, with ample green spaces, recreational areas, and communal hubs. By choosing a home in North River Ranch, you’re not just investing in a property; you’re securing a lifestyle that’s contemporary, comfortable, and community-centric. Your dream home, nestled in a vibrant community, awaits at North River Ranch.