First Time At An Indian Restaurant? Here Are 8 Tips To Make Most Of The Experience

Trying a new type of cuisine for the first time can be a wonderful experience, but it can also be very daunting if you are unfamiliar with the food. Curious eaters should never limit their palate and should be open to trying new things. If you are planning to dine at an Indian restaurant Maldon locals have been raving about but are hesitant to try the menu, here are a few useful tips to make your experience memorable:

1: Choose The Best Indian Restaurant

Don’t just settle for any Indian restaurant. You have to go to the best Indian restaurant Essex residents highly recommend. Ask around and get recommendations from locals so that you know you get the best Essex has to offer when it comes to authentic Indian food.

2: Never Judge The Restaurant Based On The Price Tag

Yes, it can be intimidating to see a higher price on some items on the menu, but don’t let that affect your choice of Indian restaurant Maldon. Just remember that Indian food comes with sauces and gravy that are made with a lot of different spices. This can increase the price of the food, but you’ll be tasting the best of the best so it’s worth it.

3: Ask If You’re Not Sure

Don’t be afraid to ask questions about the menu if you’re not sure. The wait staff will be happy to explain the different items, what they’re made of and how the dishes are made. This way, you can order dishes with a little more confidence.

4: Watch Out For The Spice!

If you aren’t a fan of spicy food, you should be careful. A lot of Indian food can be very spicy, so be prepared. Again, ask the server for recommendations regarding spice levels or which dishes aren’t too spicy for a first Indian food experience.

5: Wash Your Hands

A lot of Indian dishes are eaten using your bare hands. This can be odd for someone who is used to cutlery, but eating with your hands is part of their tradition and culture. The best way to enjoy the Indian restaurant Essex food lovers frequent is to dig in with clean hands.

6: Choose Dishes That Complement Each Other

One way to deal with the heat is to have dishes that counteract all the spices. For instance, if you order a hot main dish, you can have a side of plain rice or lentils. This way you can have some buffer from the hotness of the dishes and you can fully enjoy your meal.

7: Go With Someone Who Has Tried Indian Food

A great way to ensure you have the best experience is to come with a friend who has eaten Indian food before. This way, they are familiar with the menu and can guide you in choosing the best dishes you will enjoy.

8: Don’t Be Afraid To Try New Things

A lot of the dishes on the menu will surely be new, and they can seem daunting. Don’t let this stop you from enjoying Indian food. Expanding your palate is no harm, especially when you pay the price to taste warm and delicious authentic Indian food.

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