Five Qualities That Makes a Great Business Analyst


You want to become a good business analyst or an excellent analyst? It depends on how you adapt and learn the skills. Find out your weak areas and start working on it right away, after all, practice makes the man perfect.

Organizations juggle with many projects at the same time, they have different departments and pool of skills to manage but can you intervene and look into every aspect efficiently. The business analyst is the driving force from the planning till achieving the result.

Process Modelling Knowledge:

Anyone can draft the solution in the simple document, but the expert possesses the skill to show the working process and area of improvement through graphical representation like a flow chart and data-flow diagram, to make it in an easily understandable form.

Also, knowing the key performance indicator is important; a single wrong KPI can make a disastrous result.

Analytical Thinking:

Making the plan and step by step analysis is recommendable instead of jumping at the conclusion. There is no scope of mistake, a single error, and everything gone for a toss.

Consider all the parameters thoroughly, list the entire possible outcome, after that choose the most effective solution.

Facilitation skills:

Apart from being good communication, facilitation skills are pivotal. They need to arrange the workshop time to time, how you attract the people, and make it engaging makes the perfect professional. Give it a thought, why people will invest time in the workshop.

Also, their role requires attending the meeting with the various clients, customers, stakeholders, and project manager. Visualize, you fail to explain the facts and figures effectively, what impression will it leave on people.

Inquisitive Approach:

Many professionals think that their role is limited to solving the query of clients and stakeholders. But their role is much more extensive than that. They are the problem-solver with a good analysis frame of mind. Be it addressing the root cause or identifying the core need, their role requires asking timely and relevant questions.

Canadian seasoned business strategist, Brad Fauteux a natural leader, and a good communicator trained many professionals to create and maintain healthy relationships with the different stakeholders, customers, and clients and building deep emotional bonding to a different situation that organization faces, this helps both the employees and the company work together and achieves the goal. With a range of skills and capabilities, Bradley Fauteux is a successful business strategist, innovator, and business leader.

Manages the conflict:

The role of the expert is not limited to proper planning and implementing, rather they have to face a lot of criticism from the stakeholders. How you deal with them makes you successful. It is always advisable to avoid unprofessional conversation but represent all the facts and figures in a logical and polite way.

Also, sometime the project manager may not approve the plan and suggestion. What will you do in this scenario, don’t be defensive but keep the alternate option ready and be well-prepared for a lot of queries and questions.