There are so many great Atlanta lawn care providers. Well known and new companies, as well as sole proprietors, can be seen throughout Metro Atlanta providing high-quality service. Before deciding on which lawn care provider to choose, one must take into account several considerations to help choose the best lawn care provider for their specific lawn care needs.

To help home and business owners choose the best lawn care company to handle their unique lawn care needs, five questions must be asked. By getting definitive answers to these questions, property owners will not only get guaranteed high-quality lawn care, but they will also protect themselves in cases of unfortunate accidents and mishaps.

  1. Are Pesticides and Chemicals Used?

Not only can pesticides and chemicals be harmful to one’s health, but they also might not be permitted in a community. Most Atlanta neighborhoods have their own rules and regulations. Part of those stipulations might not allow pesticides and chemicals to be used on a lawn. Fortunately, there are all kinds of new and emerging technologies that attack pests without releasing potentially harmful toxins for humans.

  1. What Are the Costs?

It is very important to know what costs to expect and to not be caught off guard by costs that were not anticipated. Make sure that any deposits, possible one-offs, recurring costs or minimums are discussed and agreed upon. Otherwise, home and business owners might end up with unexpected bills. Make sure that there is a detailed plan that covers each cost and what those costs cover. Do not veer from it, unless agreed to in writing.

  1. Is there A Contract?

Speaking of detailed plans in writing, any lawn care needs to come with a contract. Anyone paying a company for lawn service needs to have in writing what the services rendered will be. This not only guarantees that desired outcomes will be seen, but it also prevents companies from doing more work than planned and then submitting an unexpected bill increase or making changes to the landscape that were not wanted. Contracts protect everyone involved.

  1. What’s the Timeline?

It is also important to make concrete timeline plans regarding the care of a lawn. Calendar out what lawn care needs must be met and plan accordingly. Home and business owners must know how long specific projects will take. This will minimize distractions, and it will also help with efforts to not upset neighbors by minimizing distractions to their day.

  1. Are They Insured?

Failure to work with an insured company could be an utter disaster. If the company has an accident, they can claim they are not responsible for any damage to the property. Several headaches and costly challenges and fixes could result. Nobody wants to deal with that. If injuries happen on the job, a company could sue the property owner and make them pay for damages. Nobody wants to deal with that, either. Do not hire a lawn care provider unless they have an insurance plan that removes any liabilities that could be placed on the property owner.

Choosing the Best Atlanta Lawn Care Company

There might be other questions that need to be asked, but the five aforementioned questions will position any home or business owner to have the best possible lawn care. Failure to not ask questions and be certain of expectations can lead to stress, unexpected costs and needed lawn care being neglected. Take the time to ask these five questions above to receive quality service from an Atlanta lawn care company.