Food Albania For The Tourists

The Ottoman Empire was the root of the food Albania. The land was fertile and it was closest to the sea, they shared a culture with their neighbors which have helped them to come up with a modern cuisine.

The food

The food was initially influenced by the Greece, Turkey, and Italy. Apart from the meat and vegetables in their stable food also included feta cheese, rice, they are most popular for their vegetables like eggplant, olives, and legumes. This helps them to retain a Mediterranean feel in their food. They are also known for their intake of salads. The treetop dishes that you must try in your visit to Albania are as follows.


If you have visited the sea coast of Albania, do not forget to have a taste of the delicious fish which is a part of the authentic food Albania. Being close to the sea, they are excellent in their fish products which are really fresh. They have a variety of dishes which are made out of fish and all of them taste just amazing. If you are a fish lover, then Albania is just the place for you. All you need to do is visit the beachside and go to any local shop located there.

Perime ne zgare

The next item on the list is for vegetarians.  It has often been seen that veg items are not as great as the non-veg ones. However, the vegetarian item in Albania is totally different than what is found in most of the countries.  They are famous for their grilled vegetables which are named perime ne zgare. It mainly contains their Eggplants, zucchini, onions, and many other wild categories of vegetables. It is mainly used as an appetizer but one can also enjoy it as a side dish with other main dishes. The vegetarians will easily find this dish in any of the grill houses.


Meat lovers will find Albania to be a place of Paradise for meat. Zgara is one of the most popular meat dishes in Albania. A trip to Albania is never completed you are not able to have a taste of this dish. The plate is so huge that it is enough for two people. You can enjoy it with chilled beer and make the Cigar on the other hand.


Food Albania is very famous and it will be unwise to want to visit Albania and yet not try its meat vegetables and the amazing seafood. That whenever you win, Albania tries to enjoy these dishes.