Free 4 love spells that work quickly

Everyone wants to be with someone special, and love spells that work in minutes are great for the magic to happen.

It happens to be improbable that you can curve the will of the universe to push that one to fall in love with you in contradiction of their will.

A love spell can help you take space in their thoughts and dreams.

Even a quick love spell can inspire a kinship with the one who retains the affection of your heart.

Part of the love spell begins with you.

Leaving the intention that you are a lovable being who not only deserves love but can attract it will make your spell even more powerful by releasing your energy into the universe.

Four love spells are here that work in minutes:

However, if you apply the same intention on another day, it should work. What works best for your schedule is what you need to do!

  1. The name on the base love spell

You will require a shoe for this love spell. Write the name you love in red color ink and bend it numerous times.

Tuck the paper into your left shoe. Whisper everything you want this person to know and why you want to be together.

Tell them the delightful things regarding them, tell them your deepest desires.

It works as a way to influence the other person to want to be with you by working energetically to appear in their subconscious.

  1. Candle love spell

Using a candle, set your intention!

It is advisable to use pillar candles so that you can carve their initials, a rune for relationships, or a seal indicating what you want.

It works best with a red or pink candle, depending on the energy you choose to invoke.

Working with red candles appeals the energy of Mars, which happens to be ruled by sexuality and physical energy, while working with pink carries the love of Venus.

You can select to appeal this candle with usual oils or even rose water.

Make sure to work the magic of the wick down, as this is the best way to manifest instead of releasing it.

Light the candle and in your mind set your intention.

Meditate until the candle burns to its end. Once the candle is extinguished, the spell is over.

  1. The love spell of the red pen and paper

On a sheet of paper and using a red pen, write your intention.

For example, “To be together”. Then inscribe your name and that you want to be attracted with.

Rewrite this a total of 33 times. Meditate on this wish for five minutes.

After meditating, draw a circle on this page; on your intentions write a spell in circles.

Make sure to write this until it overlaps in the circle, to close the spell.

Fold the paper towards you, repeating the spell.

You will rotate the paper and close it towards you until you can no longer fold it, repeating the spell with each closure.

Once you can no longer close it, the spell is summoned.

  1. The love box spell

You can use any gift box around your house for this, but it’s best to use a smaller box for this type of spell.

From the top of the box, you can hang either a photo of your crush or a wish list of the person you want to bring into your life.

Inside the box, paste pictures of yourself or write the things you want to be on the walls.

Fill the boxes with love items; rose petals, rose quartz, heart trinkets. Close the box.

They will be surrounded by love and thoughts for you with the end of this spell, bringing them closer to you!