Fundamental Cheer Fundraising Ideas or Principles for the Cheer Team

Every once in a while, the cheer squad or team will need some extra funds to handle new uniforms, purchase new equipment, camp expenses, travel cost, etc. At times, the school could indirectly raise funds through the cheer team. Cheerleaders usually have a lot of fun dancing and doing wonderful routines to uplift the school spirit (especially during a game). But behind all the fun and glamour are extended hours of practice and effort. Cheer fundraising on the other hand, sure it requires effort to prepare, but the major ingredient is fun. The cheerleaders would have to be at their very best during the fundraising event that they choose to host.

Introduction to Cheer Fundraising

To thoroughly understand the essence of cheer fundraising, one needs to first understand the essence of fundraising generally. Fundraising could be referred to as a tactic majorly employed by non-profit organizations to seek out and gather funds from voluntary donors. This is done with the aim of meeting up with a previously determined financial goal in order to fund other cheer activities and projects. Although for-profit organizations also employ the use of fundraisers from time to time. Political campaign fundraisers hosted by various political parties, a variety of fundraising efforts put in place by various political groups and many more examples.

With that in mind, one could easily figure out what then cheer fundraising is. Cheer fundraising by way of definition could be simply said to be the act of hosting fundraising events by the cheer team and for cheer related purposes. It is as simple as that. While there is not much else to say by way of definition, it would be excellent to note that there are numerous ideas and suggestions for hosting a fundraising event. A lot of these methods have integrated into various schools and become part of the tradition of these schools. This is especially the case in the western world, specifically the United States of America.

Fundamental Ideas/Principles

These are referred to as fundamental ideas/principles for a reason. In the midst of a variety of methods and ideas, these ones are the most essential cheer fundraising events. The principles are not really stand-alone fundraising events but they are just as important. Whatever plans one could want to implement for cheer fundraising most of the time, would have to revolve around these ideas.

Number 1: Fundraising Zone

The very first method involves talking to the pros.  Fundraising Zone has 50 years of experience helping cheerleaders and cheer teams raise the funds they need to achieve their goals.

              Its game day and the cheerleaders are there to support the team.

Number 2: Get Sponsors

How and why? First, we answer the why part. Well, you need all the help you can get. If you could get the sponsor to donate a number of winnable items, a raffle draw event is not out of the question. As for the how part, just convince the company or other parties that you can help with publicity.

While these are the major ones, other events could include:

  • Tutoring services
  • Fashion show and sale of clothes made by students
  • Dance-offs, etc.


You might wonder why only two ideas/principles were focused on. This is simply because, if you manage to plan these two properly and flawlessly execute them, then you will have the most successful cheer fundraising event ever. Moreover, these fundamentals allow for addition or incorporation of other events and activities based on your resources and budget.