fundraiser for cheerleaders: How To

Cheerleading is a perfect way to entertain various people in your community. These groups provide positive vibes that can motivate everyone effectively.  However, cheerleading is expensive, causing many people to seek out a fundraiser for cheerleaders.

Cheering squads, on the other hand, need to sustain cash flow to make them more productive. Insufficient funds will yield a negative impact on everyone. To prevent this incident from happening, you need to raise some funds through charity works.  For the best fundraising ideas, check out Fundraising Zone.

In this article, we are providing some useful fundraising events to support the cheerleading team. Most of the fundraising ideas will work throughout the year for pep-squads in any age brackets. So, without further ado, let’s begin the fundraising event that works!

Active Fundraisers for the Cheerleading Squads

  1. Selling cookies

Are you having trouble raising travel funds for your cheerleading team? Worry no more because cookies are here to the rescue.

It is an all-time favorite snack for the whole family. Selling cookies can generate excellent profit. To sell these products, what you need is to provide a store booth during the sports events in your school or cheerleading competition.

  1. Selling a bracelet

Selling bracelets is a handy fundraising idea that you can offer to your community. It provides a little cost that will benefit everyone, especially the kids.

Customize those rubber wristbands with attractive colors and imprint your school slogan. You can sell these bracelets starting from $1 to 2 dollars.

Offer a discount rate to everyone. For instance, you can sell five pieces of bracelets for only $3. The collected money will go directly to the cheerleading team for their continuous development program.

  1. Sell Candles

Another popular fundraising idea that you can offer to the people have scented candles. These candles provide higher profit compared to the bracelets and cookies. It is because candles have a higher price investment and can sell multiple units.

Target the adult customers, particularly the elderly and mothers. The reason is they love the scented smell of the candles. Make sure to offer a discount rate, especially to the senior citizens.

  1. Selling Fundraising Cards

Offering discount cards to the people can create good cheerleading funds.

Coordinate with any pizza or food dealer that your cheering team is offering help to distribute their promo cards to the community. In return, they will share some percentage of profit to the squads.

One great place to distribute hundreds of cards is through shopping centers and malls. Also, you can make extra funds by providing an additional service like doing a car wash or selling some foods and beverages during the said event.

  1. Selling Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Everyone loves doughnuts, especially the Krispy Kreme, which originated in the United States. The fresh and soft bread makes everyone grab and eats more.

Together with your colleagues, set up a table at the corridors filled with lots of Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Make sure to indicate the reason why you’re raising funds.

You can sell the doughnuts for every sports event in your school to serve the hungry spectators. To complete the meal, sell cold beverages and sodas which complements the doughnuts.

  1. Set up a Car Wash Service

Car wash activity is an enjoyable and useful fundraising event. It can raise more than $100 within a short time.

To implement this event, you need an open space, cleaning materials, and workforce to do the job.

To prevent long queuing, make sure that you set up multiple lanes of cars. It means you need lots of workforces to do the job.

You can arrange a cheer dance program to keep the customers entertained while waiting for their next turn at the car wash event.

  1. Setup a Bowling Tournament

Setting a bowling tournament in your community provides more effort. Still, it’s an enjoyable event and can generate lots of funds.

You can sell tickets for those who want to participate in the said event. Also, you can charge an entrance fee for the audience who is willing to watch the entire program.

Send you cheerleading groups to the event and tell them to cheer loudly to motivate everyone.


Fundraising activities are a sure way to generate money to support the continuous development of your school organization. Incorporating these events with your cheering squad can produce substantial funds. Later on, you can turn these activities into an annual tradition.