Get Your Skin Better And Better With Ulthera Technology

Our skin is one of the most visible organs of the body. It is elastic and may get loosened as time passes. Hence, as we grow older, wrinkles occur on our faces, and our age is seen on our skin. As humans, we love to look young forever with naturally-looking skin. Of course, we can achieve the same by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. But various technologies like Ulthera enable us to look younger and have tight skin. But What is Ulthera? (อัลเทอร่า คืออะไร, which is the term in Thai). How does it help us to get younger-looking skin, and what are its benefits?

In this article, we find answers to all these questions.

What Is Ulthera?

Like other cosmetic therapies available in clinics, ulthera or treatment is also one of the cosmetic therapies that enable us to get smoother and plumper skin. The treatment uses high-frequency ultrasound waves to improve our skin. Generally, these waves work on deep tissues in the upper skin. Hence, it is also known as Microfocused ultrasound with visualization therapy. Ulthera therapy is known for long-term results after the treatment.

How Does This Therapy Work?

The final aim of this Uthera technology is to make our loosened skin more compact. For that, the skin professional shoots energy through ultrasound waves into our skin. Once the waves are shot, a specific type of heat is generated in the shot area, and the skin gets affected and finally becomes firmer. Sometimes, this energy also gives rise to a skin renewal process.

Different Types Of Applicators Involved In Ultratherapy:

Ultratherapy involves using three injection heads as applicators, including a 3 mm, 4.5 mm head, and 1.5mm head. All these applicators are used as per requirements and doctor’s consultations. This therapy is not used for all. Therefore, it would be best to consult an experienced doctor for accurate and reliable suggestions.

Who Can Go For Ultherapy?

Ultherapy is used to get firmer skin, but it may work differently for different people. Therefore, consult your doctor before you book an appointment for it. Most people who have issues with sagging skin can undergo this therapy. Also, people with droopy eyelids or loosened skin brows can attempt this therapy. Also, if you are not able to move out of the house confidently because of wrinkles before age and crow’s feet near the eyes, you can go for this therapy with confidence.