Getpitstop- reviving the feel of new car

In this fast-moving world, people are always on their toes to finish a fulfilling day of work and get back home and relax. Punctuality is one key factor that is seen in an employee to evaluate his or her seriousness towards their job. Traveling long distances in just a few hours just to meet relatives nostalgically brings back the memories fresh up from down the memory lane. In case of a medical emergency, rushing to the hospital at the right time is all one wishes and asks for. All of this is made possible with utmost ease and without much of a heck if one owns a car. Reaching the desired destination in no time, reducing the delay in time-lapse, carrying four to five people(generally) at a single time and whatnot are some of the basic features of owning a car.

Owning a car, however, which was once considered to be a luxury, has become a necessity. People have become dependent on it. Even traveling for the shortest distances, they prefer to use their cars, because of the ease it provides. It is the only reason which has lead to the global emergence of taxi /hire cab services of ola and uber. Dependence has risen to the extent of becoming slaves. Such a high use of a car wears and burns it down. After all, it is a machine and needs maintenance by the human end. The need of maintenance depends on the use, and with fast-draining use, reckons fast and quick maintenance. It is usually demanded monthly or bi-monthly.

But the more general fact is that maintaining a car is a lot more of a responsibility than to just own it. Engine oil change, brake and clutch maintenance, rotation of tires after traveling advised level of kilometers or some sort of unpredictable uncertainty such as minor accidents say all about themselves on how difficult it becomes to maintain an owned car. The urban man doesn’t have the required time to take the car to repair or be away from it even for one day. It is all such nerve-wracking and stressful.

But what if there was a way to take all of your worries away just like the doctor takes the responsibility of their patients or a teacher takes the responsibility of students.

Pitstop is one such company that is here to give all the relief. It values the need for having a car every day so it ensures quick pick-up and drops. It makes making payment so easy and the transaction can be done online where the pricing is done in a just and fairway. Thirdly, the company recognizes the sanctity of time and how it is important to all of us. So it promises us quick and fast delivery. It keeps us in touch and gives all the real-time updates of the service timeline. The quality is top class and warranted too. The official website being  The products or inventories use are tested and certified and the men handling the machines are skilled and professional. Customers are their topmost priority and are more than satisfied with the services. Available in all the major cities, it is developing to expand to other areas as well. the car handling is reliable just how you would be taken care of. Having fun at work, implementing the philosophy of united we stand and divided we fall within the team, the greed to provide better and efficient service each time, continuously improving without the fear of delay in perfection and performing every duty whether small or big are the core values that the company lives by. Battery replacement, tires replacement, ac gas top-up, interior detailing, exterior polishing, suspension problem, etc. are namely few of the multiple services offered.

A complete car spa is one such service offered by pitstop that the customers are most attracted to. The online company address asks the details about the car such as the car manufacturing company and the model manufactured. It then provides the customers with details such as the cost breakup of the service and the elements to be included in the same. For example- a complete car spa included two components which are exterior detailing involving polishing and waxing of the car and interior detailing involving cleaning of the internal cabinet. To be more descriptive, these components involve roof lining foam wash, glass shampooing, and cleaning, AC vent scrubbing and cleaning, floor mats foam wash, dashboard foam wash, seat scrubbing with foam, engine room cleaning, door pads foam wash and carpet scrubbing and cleaning. So in all, this form of service promises to provide germ-free interiors, reduction/removal of minor scratches, reduction, and removal of hard water stains and revival of customer’s new feel car.

Apart from all of this, Pitstop offers online blogging facility for customers to log on into and also mentor the clients in matters related to insurance. The corporate office of the company puts up in cities like Delhi, Bengaluru,Mumbai,Chennai,Pune,Gurugram,Hyderabad,Noida and Faridabad. According to the records on the website, the most serviced cars by the company are Honda City (petrol),Hyundai i10 (petrol),Hyundai Santro (petrol),Hyundai i20 (petrol),Maruti Suzuki Swift (petrol),Ford Figo (diesel),Chevrolet Beat (petrol),Volkswagen Polo (petrol),Tata Indica (petrol),Maruti Suzuki Alto (petrol),Chevrolet Spark (petrol),Maruti Suzuki WagonR (petrol),Ford Figo (petrol),Tata Nano (petrol),Chevrolet Beat (diesel),Maruti Suzuki Swift (diesel),Hyundai Accent (petrol),Hyundai Eon (petrol),Hyundai i20 (diesel),Honda Civic (petrol),Ford Ikon (petrol),Hyundai Verna (diesel),Fiat PuntoEvo (diesel),Volkswagen Polo (diesel),Skoda Rapid (diesel),Tata Indica (diesel) and Skoda Fabia (petrol).

Today, about 9 lakh customers have preferred getting services from Pitstop across nine major cities in India. The Chief Executing Officer Mihir Mohan looks forward to grabbing a greater market in the nation in the coming years. High-quality service and customer’s reliability is what the chief executing officer has maintained over so many years. According to Mihir Mohan, fulfilling the customer’s needs, demands and expectations are what is going to create, retain and develop the goodwill and credibility of the company and make it as successful across the nation as it is in the nine major Indian cities. And all of this commenced bringing convenience to the fingertips.