Getting a DNA Test? Know this before getting one!

DNA Test cost in India – Why a DNA test is done and what decides the DNA Test Price?

The availability of privatized DNA testing services has opened up the door of opportunity for people looking for a hassle-free DNA test at affordable DNA testing cost.

A DNA test is done for many different reasons, of which relationship identification is the most common. Relationship DNA tests are meant for confirming the biological relationship between two people, for example, father and child, mother and child, brother and sister, grandparent and grandchildren relationships, etc. A DNA test is done for a variety of reasons, of which relationship identification, immigration, organ transplant, are to name a few. DNA tests also provide you certain pieces of information about your ancestors as well.

According to the latest amendments in the Organ Transplant Laws (THOA,2014), a DNA test is also required to confirm the relationship between an organ donor and the recipient.

Now, the cost behind a DNA test also dependents on the purpose of the test. Say, you want to know, if you are the biological father of your baby or not, just for information (peace of mind), then you can get a ‘Peace of mind paternity DNA test’. On the other hand, if you are looking to present the test report in the court in a legal matter, you have to get a ‘Legal paternity DNA test’. In a legal DNA test, the DNA sample collection is done in front of the judge, or a court-appointed representative. Further, there are extra formalities included in the test. It makes the cost of the DNA test go higher.

Moreover, cost of DNA testing can also vary depending upon the type of data we are looking for, the sample used for the test, the complication of the test procedure, the urgency of the test, and many other factors.

We will discuss the types of a DNA test, cost of a DNA test and more in the sections coming up in this blog. Scroll down to learn more.

What information do we get from a DNA test? Can I get one for myself?

A DNA is a whole lot of genetic data in itself, and yes, you too can get a DNA test at a reasonable cost!

DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) is the main genetic material in human cells. It carries forward different types of biological information in the offspring’s. DNA is the basis of resemblance among two or more individuals within a species, including, us, human beings.

A DNA test is the only way to identify a person’s biological identity. Specialized DNA tests are able to produce different sets of information. For example, it can confirm your biological identity (identification profiling), tell you if you are biologically related to your family members or not, where did your ancestors come from, etc.

Many DNA tests, like the cell-line authentication, are used for research, to identify the true cell-line, cross-contamination of the cell-cultures, gender of a query cell-line, etc.

You can get a DNA test at a reasonable price if you are looking for one. Some examples of relationship DNA tests include – paternity, maternity, sibling ship, grand-parentage DNA test, etc. The following is a list of different DNA tests available to a person and the approximate price of the DNA test:

  1. Paternity DNA test = 14160 INR (incl. GST)
  2. Maternity DNA test = 14160 INR(incl. GST)
  3. Paternity Trio DNA test (including maternal DNA sample) = 21240 INR(incl. GST)
  4. Sibling ship DNA test = 21240 INR(incl. GST)
  5. Prenatal Paternity DNA test (No sex Determination) = 116820 INR(incl. GST)
  6. Identification Profiling = 17700 INR(incl. GST)
  7. DNA test for swapped Child in Hospital = 14160 INR(incl. GST)
  8. Grand Parent DNA test = 23600 INR(incl. GST)
  9. Immigration DNA test = 41300 INR(incl. GST)
  10. Ancestral Lineage DNA test (Paternal and Maternal Lineage) = 13000 INR
  11. Gps Origins Ancestry DNA test = 17000 INR
  12. Cell Line authentication = 14160 INR

Which DNA testing laboratory is the best and offers the tests at reasonable DNA testing cost?

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