Brands always step up their advertising game. They organise and host fun gimmicks to catch the public’s attention and use technology to their advantage to set themselves apart. They build jaw-dropping exhibits and out-of-this-world storefronts with backdrop designs that can attract Singapore consumers and help them generate profit.

Decorating stores with an LED video wall is one of the many ways to encourage the public to check out an establishment and its products or services. This multi-monitor setup displays compelling images, gripping videos, or aesthetically-pleasing graphics that feature the brand or the goods and solutions they offer at the store.

If you plan on getting a video wall in Singapore, you will need to keep a few things in mind to guarantee the installation’s success and help you make the most of its features. Read on to learn about the four things business owners like you should consider before getting an LED video wall for your store.

1. The Video Wall Supplier

Never have a video wall installed in your establishment without learning about its provider. Researching your video wall manufacturer or distributor will allow you to learn about the product’s quality and durability, helping you avoid LED monitors that can lose their functionality within a few weeks or months. Doing so will also help you understand their installation expertise and see if their monitor mounting services are worth getting.

2. The Video Wall’s Total Cost

Before ordering an LED video wall in Singapore, ask your supplier for a quote to ensure that such an innovative display setup fits your budget. But aside from learning about your average installation expenses, you should also consider how much your operating costs would be after getting a video wall. If owning a multi-monitor setup seems too expensive for your humble shop, consider putting a pin on the idea and get back to it once you have enough resources.

3. The Video Wall’s Maintenance Needs

Like virtually everything in your store, your video wall will require upkeep. Before getting one, ask the manufacturer or distributor about its maintenance requirements to prepare you and your staff for owning and operating a video wall.

4. The Video Wall Content

Your LED video wall will be useless if you do not carefully plan the content you intend to display on its monitors. You should work closely with your creative and marketing team to see the type of images, graphics, and videos that deserve a spot on your video wall.

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