Gift Tools for the Man Who Has Everything

It’s that time of year when you have to buy something for that person in your life that has all of the tools they could possibly need. Well, this is a little guide you can use if you need some ideas. Chances are, they don’t have all of these.

Knee Pads

Most people don’t own a pair. They should. You never think about them until you need them. Then, a few days later, when you are still hurting from the work you did, without knee pads, you are still thinking “I should get some”. So, get them for someone before they need them. Great gift.

A Fix it Kit

This is a portable collection of essential tools that come in a small case (6×8). Keep it in the desk or bathroom for quick stuff in the house. Yes, your recipient has all of these tools in their workshop, but they don’t have them for the random project inside the house at 11pm. An essential.

A Utility Bracelet

Keep it close, keep it portable. That is the motto of time saving tools. This one is great. I’ve seen bracelets with as many as 29 tools in them. Everything from phillips screwdrivers to hex heads, to glass breakers and bottle openers. Any time you are away from the workshop, tools like this come in handy. And it won’t take up space in your tool belt.

A Multi Angle Measuring Ruler

This is a new addition this year. Don’t know how to use a speed square? Can’t always make it work? A multi angle template tool is a great tool for when you want something a lot more precise than a guestimate, but you aren’t professional. (Although, many professionals use the tool.) You will be surprised how versatile this tool is. Manipulate it to the shape you need, then use it like a stencil on what you are cutting. It’s great for almost any angle you need to cut for floors, walls, frames, brick, stone, wood, rafters, flashing, tile, etc. Chances are your tool friend does NOT have one. Perfect gift! You can find it at

A Level

A standard level is a must. From hanging pictures to getting a perfect pitch, you will find there are an infinite amount of uses for this thing. You can’t have too many levels. They come in all different sizes, and you can’t have too many of those sizes.

Tape Measure

Pick one that measures under 5 feet. Small tapes work great for workshop projects! Most people don’t have the small light weight one. They seem cheap, but they don’t need to be heavy duty. It’s for small measurements.

Magnetic Finger Assistant Tool

Designed to be worn on your pointer finger, the Magnetic Finger Tool’s embedded disc magnet lets you direct and retrieve small metal objects without frustration. You can start a screw in a tight space, safely hold a nail in place or retrieve a dropped washer with ease.

Quick Clamps

You might need a guide as you nail/screw two pieces together, or glue something. They will come in more handy than you would initially think. Pick up 2 pairs: one large and one small. No one can have too many of these.

Portable Fidget Spinner Tool

There are six bits (two Phillips, two regular and two star tips) that snap into the six pointed handle magnetically and it spins if you are bored. J Pocket tools come in a lot more handy than you think if you are away from your workshop. I keep mine in my desk. A great gift that most don’t have.

5 in 1 Tool Pen

This has a screwdriver, capacitive stylus for smart devices, an integrated bubble level, ruler, and pen with clip. Integration of tools is a necessity when you don’t want to step away from a project. This tool will save you time running to the junk drawer or workshop.

There you have it, a quick list of great gifts for the tool guy or girl who has everything. And remember, if you give and they don’t like it, it can always be returned. J Happy Holidays!!!