Granite Kitchen Countertops: Getting a Unique Slab Design Without Breaking the Bank

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen in the future, you may want to incorporate granite countertops. Granite countertops from Kitchen Wholesalers are famous among homeowners due to their low maintenance and natural beauty. Below are reasons to install these types of countertops in your kitchen:

They Can Add Value to Your House

Kitchen countertops made of granite add value to your home, no matter how long you plan to stay there. Granite countertops give your kitchen a classic ambiance and are attractive to possible homebuyers. To know if installing granite countertops is worth your money, speak with a remodelling contractor. Getting new countertops can improve the appearance of your house.

Get a Unique Surface Design

If you want countertops that have a uniform appearance, granite is not for you. But if you want a unique countertop surface design, granite can be an excellent option for you. Granite slabs are unique. They are available in various colours to suit your home’s interior design and design preferences. For instance, black granite countertops make any kitchen look luxurious and sophisticated. Meanwhile, white countertops can give a little contrast or texture. 

Granite slabs have their own patterns. No two slabs are identical. If you wish to give your home a special look, granite will provide your living space with a timeless, elegant look that will not go out of style. 

Take Advantage of a Low-Maintenance Surface

Granite countertops require minimal maintenance. You just have to clean them without mild soap and hot water. Granite is a nonporous material, which means they have a lower chance of staining than other materials such as marble. But if your countertop gets stained, you can simply get rid of the stain by using a mixture of baking soda and water. 

In addition, granite countertops resist bacterial contamination. Thus, you can cook meat and unpasteurised cheese with confidence as you know that you are protected from bacteria that can live on some countertop surfaces. But you must always exercise food safety habits like cleaning the countertops after they have been in contact with meat. 

They are Affordable to Install

Getting new kitchen countertops can be costly. Although you want to invest in high-quality materials, you also want them to suit your budget. Thankfully, granite is both. These days, cutting granite rock involves the use of automated machinery, which lowers the cost. Also, the price of the material depends on the slab’s thickness and size. But any piece you purchase will add both beauty and value to your house.