Guide To Open A Checking Account Without Deposit

If you’ve always wanted to open a checking account but you’re usually held back by the lack of funds, you’re in luck; there is now the availability of a checking account for you. People can now own a checking account without opening deposit; this simplifies the process of opening an account, and opening such accounts only take some minutes.

Although many banks can delay the process when you want to open a checking account without opening a deposit, below is a guide on how to walk through the whole process in a matter of minutes.

Decide on the Bank

There are many available banks these days that offer you a checking account without opening deposit. However, there is a need to check out other features attached to the checking account. Check out the fee structure, the benefits, and requirements by the bank and ensure it is convenient for you as you might find it hard to open a checking account with a different institution later. Credit unions are preferred because of the convenience and amazing interest rate.

Generate a Profile

After picking the financial institution with which you’d like to open a checking account without opening deposit, you will need to form a new profile with the institution if you would like to open it online. It’s like opening an account with any other website, pick a password, and enter the required information to create an account. Ensure you create a strong password that you can easily remember again.


The next step after creating a profile is to go right ahead to opening your checking account, which requires you to provide some vital information like full name and DOB; your TIN or social security number will also be required as well as a contact address. Your email address is also required, as well as an available phone number. Anyone under the legal age of eighteen will need his/her parents or custodian to sign in agreement to the account as well as to oversee the account.

Select an Account

There are different checking accounts available, and you will need to pick the type of account you would prefer. There would also be a need to indicate if the checking account without deposit being opened is a dual account or for you only. If it is a dual account, you will need to also provide the contact information and personal data of the second account holder.

Since no deposit is required on the account, you can decide to provide funds whenever you want to start using the account. You can decide how you intend to fund your new checking account; the easiest methods are mailing a check to the checking account or simply transferring funds from a different account into the new checking account.