Pet training is an essential factor for all pet owners. Pet training helps build their confidence, mental stimulation, and how they communicate with their person. As early as you can, start training them. You can always reward them with a dog or raw cat food in Singapore. Are pet treats really effective in dog training? It is, but take these four tips with you.

1. Tiny treats for a tiny tummy!

Never spoil your dog with treats. They will get used to having a handful of treats and eventually use it to their advantage. Also, note that dogs have a little tummy during their early development. Use a small piece of dog treats in Singapore, or in case it is not available, you may use chicken, cheese, or liver.

2. Use it as a luring technique.

Entice your dogs with dog treats in Singapore to train them. For instance, guide their head to the ground or direct them to come towards you. Have them smell the treat first, then instruct them. After a few tries, try it again. But this time, come empty-handed to ensure you’re training them properly.

3. Compliment your dog.

Dogs can understand what their person says and feels. Each time they complete the training, let them know you are happy and satisfied with what they did. Give them verbal encouragement and feed them barf dog food in Singapore as rewards. This way, it’ll improve your human-pet connection.

4. Avoid bribing them.

If your dog doesn’t want to train, never force them by using dog treats in Singapore. Like humans, they have their bad days, too. Bribing them with treats may lead to disobedience and greediness.

Dog treats in Singapore are proven to be an effective training tool for educating their obedience, discipline, and respect to their humans. Aside from dog treats, make it a habit to compliment and communicate with them.

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