Home Lighting Tips to Save You Money!


Who doesn’t want to cut down their daily costs so that they can have more money to play with? Well, one easy way to get started with saving extra cash is with your indoor and outdoor lighting systems. The following is a look at some great home lighting and home security systems tips that’ll save you money:

Home Lighting Tips to Save You Money

  1. Swap out to LEDs. LEDs are not a fad and if you haven’t already, now is the time to swap out your old bulbs with LED equivalents. LEDs use about 25% less energy than traditional bulbs and last as much as 25% longer. So while they may be a few dollars more in the store, you can save hundreds in electricity and replacement costs over the span of one LED’s lifespan.
  2. Reduce the wattage. While you’re making the LED swap, consider also choosing lower watt options where possible. For example, choose a 40W to replace a 75W. The 40W will use less energy and, especially when used outside, will still offer plenty of illumination for less of the energy costs.
  3. Switch to motion sensors for home security systems. As part of your home security systems network, you probably have some type of lighting set-up. If you have static lights that you simply always keep on, consider switching things up by using motion-sensing lights. Motion sensor lights come on only when someone or a large animal moves within their targeted range. Because of this selective use, they use less electricity overall.

Naturally, these are only the beginning of where you can save on your home utility costs. Outdoor lighting and home security systems do require lighting to keep things safe and secure, but you don’t have to sacrifice security for money. Simply use these tips and enjoy both!