Home Renovation With Smart Glass Windows in Portugal

Today’s trendy contemporary homes, offices, leisure venues and healthcare are seen shining with Intelligent Glass (also known as switchable glass) . As more people are looking to renovate, extend and improve their homes rather than hunting for a new one and moving out, advanced technologies like these are being increasingly sought after.

Technologies and devices like electro chromic, photo chromic, thermo chromic, suspended particle, micro-blind and liquid crystal devices are integrated into the glass or added onto the glass to change transparency. The switch or button on smart glass applies electricity to the technology within the glass, which then changes the amount of light that the glass lets through and changes from transparent to translucent. Intelligent glasses from our smart glass shop in Portugal, Loja das Janelas, has been installed in a wide range of sectors, including residential, retail, hospitality, healthcare, leisure.

We use Guardian Sun cover glass that has low-emissivity and solar control characteristics. It filters about 60% of direct solar radiation, reducing the action of the sun to the interior, thus delaying the increase in temperature inside. It reduces energy losses up to 5 times, compared to a simple glass. It favors the feeling of comfort in winter, avoiding the “cold wall” effect and reduces the risk of condensation. Loja das Janelas is a company dedicated to the commercialization and assembly of PVC windows with smart glasses in Lisbon, Cascais and around.

Benefits of having switchable glass windows –

Smart glass windows ask for a lot less maintenance when it comes to keeping them clean. Occasional wiping with clean wash cloth does the trick. Since you can control the level of privacy you want via the actual window controls, you the cost of curtains and its maintenance cuts down.

Switchable glass windows prevent light from coming in, hence, help in keeping the inside cooler, means lesser need of an air conditioner too during summers. And that definitely means bill saving. In fact, the switchable layer also insulates the glass making your room warmer in the winter too and calmer all year round.

In its privacy state it can be used as a projection screen, giving you a home theatre without investing on the screen and without worrying about the space limit on the walls.