Hopper HQ Review

We have seen a wide range of automated scheduling toolthat can give you the knowledge and usage of the tool to grow your audience on a social networking platform such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. But the Hopper HQ is the ultimate scheduling tool that I’d highly recommend and works for Instagram. Hopper HQ is an Instagram scheduling tool that helps to manage and schedule the content of your social networking platforms. It is the best social media scheduler tool that now supports Facebook and Twitter.

Salient Features

The Hopper HQ tool helps to manage and schedule all the content and stuffs across the multiple social networking platforms. It has several features that make the best tool for growing the audience on social networking platforms.

Reschedule the Content

With this tool, you can easily reuse the content after some modification of high performing and trending posts without uploading that stuff again.

Schedule Video

The tool also allows you for automatic video posting across the social networking platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Multiple accounts

The Hopper HQ will also give you access to manage multiple accounts of your social media from a single login with a single click.

Scheduled & Instant Posts

With the help of this tool, you just schedule your post for any day or any time without any time bounding. There is no limit on Hopper HQ for scheduling your content. You can easily post your content Instant without any delay from your computer.

Content Management

With the help of Hopper HQ, you can easily schedule and manage your content such as post, videos, photos, etc. across the multiple social media platform.

Really easy posting tool

Because of this tool, you will not get annoyed with push notifications or reminders that come on your mobile device for the content. That’s a great feature of this tool, like many other schedulers you are saving your important time and then you will find yourself on your mobile device at the weekend when other schedulers will convincing you.

Multiple Image Posts

It supports multiple carousel or image posts content on the social media network such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Time settings

If you love to post at the same time everyday then you can add time presets in the settings section of your account. That means your all the content will time for upload will automatically set to those particular times and days that will speed up the process of posting the content.

iOS App

Apart from Computer and Android, it will come in iOS app for iPhone mobile or other iOS devices.


Hopper HQ comes with a free 14-day free trial, where you can cancel the subscription at any time to avoid being charged. The subscription price of Hopper HQ starts from $19 per month for a single account each for Instagram, Facebook,Twitter and Instagram (even less If you take an annual plan). The payment of this subscription is done by business or client instead of a social network.  You can easily cancel or upgrade the subscription anytime without paying anything at the time of 14-days free trial.


  • It comes with carousel posts and automatic video scheduling.
  • They are outstanding customer services.
  • You can get rid of reminders and mobile push notifications.
  • The Instagram grid planner is awesome.


  • Free plan is not here with this tool.
  • It does not support other social networking platforms such as Pinterest, etc.
  • Doesn’t support the scheduling of Instagram storybut this features will come very soon in this tool.

Final Words

The Hopper HQ is a great tool for all business or agency thatis social media marketers and deciding the marketing strategy on Instagram. It savedtime and helps you to plan the content for the weeks ahead and creative a task than other social media tools. That’s why the recommendation of Hopper HQ is perfectly matched for the social network companies for Instagram scheduling tool with fast approval.