How an Attorney can Help You When You File a Sexual Harassment Complaint

A lot of employees who have experienced being subjected to sexual harassment prefer to suffer in silence in fear of retaliation. This is often the case if the employee loves their job and doesn’t want their decision to report workplace harassment to haunt them in their career. However, no one deserves to be treated rudely at work. If you were confronted with conduct that you believe might be sexual harassment, you must speak to a Sexual Harassment Lawyer in Charlotte as soon as possible to determine whether the conduct qualifies as sexual harassment. 

What to Do Before you Report Sexual Harassment

If you have been sexually harassed at work, you must take some steps to protect your rights. For instance, you might need to report potential sexual harassment to human resources or managerial employees to hold the employer responsible for the conduct based on the company’s policy. A skilled lawyer will help you determine the right HR or other employees to whom you must report potential harassment. Also, they can work with you to outline a description of the harassment. This will ensure you can provide the HR personnel or manager with relevant information in a calm way. 

Protecting Yourself

Aside from helping you prepare to report the harassing behavior, your attorney will tell you the next steps to take to protect yourself. These include documenting the conduct and all discussions about it with your boss, ensuring you are prepared to deal with the harasser should the harassment continues, telling you to how to report future harassment, and monitoring the response of your employer to your complaint to prevent retaliation. 

If you are a victim of harassment in the workplace, it can be hard to think clearly about your response to your situation. You may be too emotionally drained and confused to have a perspective on your situation. Thankfully, you can rely on your attorney for help in deciding what steps to take. 

Investigating the Case

Employers have a legal obligation to investigate any complaint of sexual harassment. During the investigation, they cannot take steps that can negatively impact your employment. An experienced attorney can check in with you to ensure the employer is proceeding as the law requires. 

Preventing Retaliation

It is illegal for any employer to retaliate against an employee who reports sexual harassment. Retaliation can come in different forms such as depriving you of the promotion you deserve, excluding you from meetings, events, and company outings or even terminating your position. Your attorney will make sure this won’t happen to you.