How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Magento Search in eCommerce

Artificial Intelligence is no longer a Hollywood fiction. One of the most discussed technologies in recent times, the overall revenue of AI, is expected to reach US$90 billion by 2025. The eCommerce industry also contributes to this massive revenue.

Amazon, Ali Baba, Flipkart, eBay, and many other eCommerce companies leverage artificial intelligence to improve their business that ultimately invests in better customer satisfaction.

Globally recognized ride-sharing company UBER and Indian cab-sharing company Ola both harness advanced artificial intelligence features to autonomous rides, food deliveries via drones, and mapping research.

Since Magento is a widely popular eCommerce platform, used to shape the online stores with its amazing features and functionalities, how artificial intelligence is impacting Magento search is indeed a must-asked question. As a leading tech-savvy company dealing in eCommerce search, Magento search, and other AI-powered searches, we dig deep into artificial intelligence to understand its potential in eCommerce. In this article, we will talk about the impact of AI on Magento eCommerce Search.

How is Artificial Intelligence Impacting Magento Search in Ecommerce?

Magento is a popular and most preferred eCommerce platform that comes with a range of AI-powered extensions & tools that enables online businesses to leverage the potential of this advanced technology.

1. Improved Security

Search is a crucial part of eCommerce, and its ability to search for products from wide categories and serve them accordingly is an essential feature. Magento eCommerce Development provides highly-scalable and effective extensions regarding eCommerce Search, but artificial intelligence stands for improvement and delivers better results.

It enables us to focus on the search’s context to minimize the dependence on the keywords. It harnesses NLP and provides better and effective keyword phrases to target and deliver according to the searcher’s intent.

2. Incredible Shopping Experience

Ecommerce can be considered a term called One-Click-Shopping, and Artificial Intelligence helps boost and improve it with better content-based search functions. Leveraging AI’s advantages, business owners can overcome the personalization gap, and AI also helps to provide customer-centric campaigns using multiple channels. It delivers the right message to the targeted audience precisely. However, it plays a vital role in improving customer experience, purchasing and improving the overall shopping experience by analyzing customer behavior using purchasing & search history.

3. Chatbot – AI-powered Salesman

Chatbots have been introduced as selling tools that have resulted in significant improvement in the existing online shops. Leveraging AI-powered functionalities, the bots use natural language processing (NLP – just like site search) to relate to the customer queries as a sales representative, even faster.

In the chat window, AI-based bots can ask client questions and answer the queries automatically. It also provides additional details as AI can understand customers better and personalize the conversation to drive purchase.

Conversation can continue via text, voice, or even using images. AI-powered chatbots enable an innovative interaction inspired by the popular instant messaging applications, which revamped the way people communicate. Now, the brands are gradually shifting to this as it saves time & resources.

4. Innovative Way of Searching

While Artificial intelligence is transforming eCommerce search, traditional search bars and filters will still play a crucial role in AI-powered search in eCommerce. Though a few advanced tools are available in the market to smoothen this process.

Visual Search is perhaps the most significant revolution in the eCommerce search as it offers amazing features. It runs on image-recognition algorithms powered by artificial intelligence. It enables the searchers to search and find a product by uploading a picture rather than typing names and running their eyes across various web pages. Google has used this for so long.

AI-based voice assistants or voice search both are the same, and we often use this term on our smartphones, such as Siri and Alexa. It also leverages NLP to show search results. Voice search is based on algorithms that use contextual search to find the products that would better address the searcher’s queries.

5. Fraud and Cybercrime Prevention

Financial transactions are an essential part of eCommerce businesses that paves the way for online frauds and other cybercrimes. The customers are also afraid of their finances and look for better and secure online transactional platforms while purchasing online. AI can be combined with eCommerce platforms like Magento to prevent fraud during online payments. It reads online payment patterns to prevent all types of online frauds. It is proven that having a dedicated payment app is way better for fraud prevention than traditional rules and human judgments.

With amazing features of Artificial Intelligence, Magento-powered online stores reach the new heights of success and provide secure payment options to improve the decision-making process, precision, and more.

Best Magento Applications Based on Artificial Intelligence

What makes Magento the best platform for eCommerce is the productive environment of applications that abides by the plug and play principle or a few additional settings. The Magento developer’s community has implemented innovation and creativity to develop a few advanced and highly-scalable AI-powered applications to shape your online store’s future. Here are some popular AI-based Magento applications.

  • Chloe: serve as a personal assistant for your visitors; it leverages natural language processes to follow voice and text commands.
  • Search Spring: it comes up with a fully organized web-shop that works with real-time inventories, product SEO enhancement, and convince customers to visit again.
  • Choice AI: leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence, choice AI is the best application that offers the utmost personalization.

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