How can I repair the health of my locks?

Like your body, your hair also needs a much-needed break so that we can take care of our hair properly. On regular basis, our hairs get exposed to drying weather conditions, harmful pollutants, and hair styling products. Give freedom to your hairs so that they can restore good health without putting much effort.

Here are some amazing tips useful for taking care of your hairs to get back your shinier, silkier, and healthier locks back.

Oiling your hairs and leave overnight

There is a grandma tale of oiling your hair twice a week. It is an ideal step to add a great source of minerals, fatty acids, and vitamins. Oiling helps accelerate hair growth and replenishes the hairs with nutrients.

Pamper your hairs with hair masks at spas

Your hairs do need TLC and for this, you should invest in quality hair products like hair masks. Take some time out and apply a good hair mask. In case, you don’t want to spend much, it is better to make it with available kitchen ingredients. The combo includes olive oil + avocados, egg + honey + green tea, and coconut oil + apple cider vinegar.

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Never comb your wet hair

Detangling the damp hair seems to be manageable, but the truth is it causes your hair to brittle. Running the comb on your wet hairs leads to hair breakage or unwanted hair fall. In spite, you can let them air dry after wash.

Get a hair trim

Needless to say, a good trim at a salon is a way to avoid split ends. It is not necessary that you have to go to a salon; you can also do it at your home. This step helps grow the hair fast. Just be cautious when you are doing it on your own.

Use cold water for washing hairs

A hair washes using hot water to remove the natural moisture and minerals from the hairs. Besides, it should also be noted that hot water increases frizz, dryness and lead to weak strands. So, you should use cold water for shampooing your hair to retain the natural moisture and bring back the shine.

Using quality scalp products

In the market, you will find many hair products to give excellent support to your hairs. One such is Zincplex that is formulated using herbs ideal for deep cleansing and give guaranteed results.