How can you change iPhone Battery?

When it comes to using an iPhone, there are many aspects that you need to keep in mind. The most common problems that people face include freezing hard drives and cracked screens. Battery life is one of the important items that you should consider while using an iPhone, iPad, or iPad. Different settings on a phone can increase the battery life, but once the battery is dead, then it becomes like an expensive paperweight. If you want to take the challenge of changing the battery yourself, then it could be like an expensive paperweight for you.

When you have to do the iPhone Battery Replacement, then you can easily do it with the use of a screwdriver that comes in the screwdriver kit. You will also need a replacement battery for it. Many online retailers sell it, thus it is easy for you to buy the replacement battery and use it. It is a simple and easy task to do if you have all the guidelines with you and you know which step to take while starting

How to do it? 

The first thing that you should do is remove the battery is insert it to the pointy end of it with the use of a safety pin. This hole is there near to the headphone jack. When you push the safety pin on the hole, a tray portion comes out with a plate. Now, you should remove the two screws on both sides of the dock end. You now need to separate the front display system from the back panel with the use of a spudger from the chrome ring and glass front panel. You need to be careful so that you don’t tear any of the ribbons that connect with both panels. You can now remove the cables mentioned as I and 2 orders with that spudger. 

The cable of the last ribbon is easy to remove with the use of a white tab that holds it in a place. This will also allow the back and front cases to separate. Now, you can remove the eight screws while holding the motherboard. You then need to undo the ribbon that is labeled as 4 and then lift the motherboard. This way it will be easy for you to remove the ribbon that is attached to the camera. You need to ensure that the screws that secure the logic board is removed before you do this, Now, you can remove the battery and replace it with the new one you have purchased. 

Is it safe to charge the battery on your own?

Many people assume that it could be risky for them to change their iPhone battery, the fact if you do everything with the use of proper guidance, then it is easy to do the battery replacement work. You can also get in touch with the experts that offer iPhone glass repair in Singapore.

Taking care of battery replacement will help you use it for a long time.