How do pods become your best vaping partner?

E-cigarettes are common among youth with rate of use increasing from 1.5% to 20.8% from 2011 to 2018. Pod mods have gained popularity among youth for their sleekness, user-friendly performance, appealing flavors and ability to be used discreetly in places where smoking is banned.

Pods are a hot technology in vaping which let you choose juice pods in different flavors or fill you own and use then with the same battery, and sometimes the same coils. In a pod system, reservoir, which may include the wicking system and heating element, while battery and other components are included in another.

Selecting a pod system with wicking and heating system in the pod prevents the problem of changing flavors and needing to remove any remaining taste of the previous flavor. Vaping also becomes very easy. Usually pods are draw activated so they don’t need a power switch. Pods are also introduced in different sizes and styles. 

Advantages of Pods

Using a pod, you can keep additional pods filled with e-juice for later use. When you are done with the first pod, you remove it, connect the second one and start vaping again. Some pods are made in pocket size while some are heavy and contain more juice. Based on the quantity you vape, you may not need to keep an additional battery if you have fully charged it.

Some pod systems are closed and you can buy vape online made by a professional manufacturer. This can be easy. For the maximum flexibility, select a pod system that allows you to refill pods with your favorite flavor. In the long run, it is also a more economical option to refill pods than to keep buying prefilled options. 

There are several reasons for using pods. With a bigger device, you can vape for longer without needing to charge and release bigger clouds, these are big advantages for most vapers these days. You can connect this sort of setup with a high VG, low nicotine fluid and can meet your requirements when it comes to throat hit and consuming nicotine you are looking for. 

Pod systems turn this all on your head. Managing to be portable, simple and satisfying, in some ways they are modern similar to cigalikes, however they have the potential to be much more. 

Pod systems

Pods are quite similar to e-cigarette. The batteries are significantly smaller than mods, offering the capacity of about 300mAh, however their sizes are larger in some cases. The battery capacity states its duration. It means they work for lower than most vape pens however more than various cigalikes. 

While choosing to buy vape products online you can find variation between different pod systems such as archetypal pod in a rectangular USB stick like shape, aspire gusto mini, suorin drop etc. They come with automatic operation thus you simply need to inhale from the top to vape I the same way as you smoke a cigarette with some manual buttons similar to vape pens and mods. So you should switch to vaping soon.