How Does a New York Answering Service Work?

A New York answering service can be invaluable to any business in the state. When you need to be available outside regular office hours, an answering service can help solve your problems. Answering services make it possible for your customers to get a hold of you so if they need to come in for an emergency or need technical assistance, they get it.

Who Can Benefit from Answering Services?

Many different types of businesses can benefit from a New York answering service. Doctors and dentists need to be on call for any type of emergency. Real estate and insurance agents can find an answering service useful to make sure that no prospects are missed. A sales professional doesn’t want to miss a call from a potential lead. Entrepreneurs can benefit from an answering service instead of hiring a receptionist.

How It Works

Answering services have been around for years and aren’t a new thing. These services screen calls, answer any basic questions, take orders and messages, schedule appointments, and even provide product support. There are two main types of answering service. A live answering service involves a live person who answers the phone. An automated answering service uses automated call menus and greetings. However, you should know that if you choose an automated answering service, it’s likely you will get complaints from your customers. Menus will force callers to listen for a longer period of time. The caller can also be unclear about which menu option to choose for their situation. For this reason, automated answering services can be generally cheaper than live answering services since they don’t have experienced staff answering calls. If you want the best client satisfaction and to have a better impression on customers, choose a live answering service.

Answering Service Features

If you choose the right answering service, there are plenty of benefits. There are some features you should look for in your search for an answering service. Free local phone numbers, outbound calls, appointment reminders, appointment booking, messages delivered to email or text, and custom greetings for your callers can all be helpful. See if the company has a 30-day free trial so you can see how you like it before you commit. A low monthly cost can sound like a good idea but it’s important to know what other charges and fees will be added. Ask about set up fees or one-time charges and if you are required to sign a contract.

One of the main things to look for is receptionists that care. Sometimes it can be hard to determine if you are going to have top-notch receptionists answering your calls. One way to find out is to call the answering services you are considering. You can get a sense of how they greet callers and how your own callers may be treated.