Headache is considered to be the most common problem that is found in every house. Occasional tension headache is related to maximum desk work or stress but sometimes headache becomes a part of daily life such as severe migraines that impairs one’s ability to function in normal life. Howsoever, the exact cause of the headache is not yet discovered because it is caused due to multi-factorial that involves the combination of muscular tension, hyper-sensitive pain receptors, hormonal imbalance, blood flow issues that are evoked at the neck, and head area. 

A common type of headaches:

Several forms of headache is a common form that is felt to be dull, painful and render the feel of pressure and tightness in the head. There are tender spots in the muscle of the head and neck that arise episodically or frequently occur within 15 days each month for 3 months or more then it is acknowledged as chronic. People often get confused between severe tension headache and migraine and in few cases, sufferers experience both. Migraine involves symptoms such as visual disturbances, nausea, and vomiting. 

Most of the time it is found that the cause of headache is unidentified with the involvement of normal imaging and blood tests. But, if anyone is experience chronic or worsening symptoms then it is best to have a check with the doctor. If the symptom is found to be abrupt and severe then it may involve symptoms of fever, stiff neck, confusion, seizures, double vision, weakness, numbness, or difficulty speaking then the best thing to seek the emergency medical care from TCM Clinic in Singapore because it could lead to worsening condition and can even injure the head. With the visit to the doctor, he/she is referred to treat the lifestyle advice and medication. 

Lifestyle trigger and strategies are the processes to reduce stress and exercise, as well as healthy diets, are considered as a good source of hydration that can help. Depending upon the situation, medication can be quite simple in few cases such as panadol that offer pain relief and in the case to gain severe pain relief involved of potential additive is made like opiates or narcotics. Howsoever, longer-term treatment may require the involvement of antidepressants, muscle relaxants, and anti-seizure pharmaceuticals. But the chronic headache can be managed with the above strategies that can be hardly eliminated but in many cases, help is sought from the alternative medication that is available with a list of potential side effects. 

Acupuncture for headaches:

Acupuncture for tension headaches is acknowledged as a viable treatment option for those who are suffering from chronic headaches. A research was conducted in which 48% of participants had to face a reduction of 50% or more in the frequency of headaches with the minimum course of 6 treatments in comparison to which only 17% received standard care. The best Acupuncture in Singapore is an effective treatment that is useful in preventing the episode of migraine. With the support of the longer follow-up study, it was revealed that acupuncture has displayed sustainable improvement in the migraine frequency for more than 20 weeks followed up period after the initial treatment. 


How headache is treated at Baozhongtang?

When Baozhongtang treats headaches then they treat the patients as a whole than a sore head. A detailed study is conducted on the current pain and even inquiries about a question related to stress, sleep, and digestion which help to create a general picture of health and current condition. Chronic headache comes with disruption of health which cannot be left unchecked in the path to get relief from the chronic headaches. For example, if a person suffers from poor sleep quality then the body is found to be quite sensitive to pain naturally as well as experience less time to recover based on every day allowing the tension to build up and contribute to headaches. During the physical assessment special attention is provided to the neck region because it has been discovered that there is a strong connection between neck tension and headache symptoms. Headache triggers lot many hormones for dietary causes or stress but often neck tension is considered to be underlying and waiting for the tip to over the edge into a headache. Therefore, depending upon the severity of the headache the treatment is executed ranging from a week to a month.