How Is The Pandemic Changing Family Celebrations And How People Are Adapting

The majority of medical experts, especially immunologists and virologists, believe that the COVID-19 is more likely to stay. With this, it is only high time (in case you haven’t yet) to accept that there’s a need to adapt, change the way we live, and think long-term — including how we hold family occasions. From prioritizing safety to enlivening the spirit of togetherness through unique ways (e.g., sending Personalized family Christmas ornaments), here are seven ways we can adapt to the changes brought forth by COVID-19 when it comes to orchestrating traditional communal celebrations.

Still celebrate. In spite of the challenges and restrictions prompted by the pandemic, the best way to keep family traditions alive is by still observing them, albeit in a different manner. Make the extra effort and be extra resourceful. Also, take the time to explain to the kids why you’re celebrating differently this year, and possibly for the years to come.

Know that it’s the time spent together that matters. When holding any family celebration (may it be Christmas or Thanksgiving), you should be considerate of the current pandemic situation. Because of COVID, a family member might not make it in time for the intimate gathering. If it’s important for you to celebrate in-person, understand that it’s okay to celebrate at a later (or earlier) date. After all, what matters most is the time you’ve spent together.

Utilize technology. If it really won’t allow for in-person gatherings, or if there’s one or two who won’t be physically there, there’s always technology that you can utilize to bridge the geographic gap. Apart from sending them thematic, personalized family Christmas ornaments, you can host a video call on the day of the occasion to make them feel that they’re part of it even though they’re away.

Implement safety protocols. Now, for those who are gathering intimately, it’s best to implement the health and safety protocols released by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Be strict when observing it — take note that it’s better to be overprotective than “underprotective.” If you’re the guest, be proactive and ask the host about the safety practices that need to be followed.

Give more meaningful gifts. Now more than ever, we should approach gift-giving in a more meaningful way. While giving practical stuff is incontestably a great idea, you can add more heart to your act by also giving gifts like personalized family Christmas ornaments. During these tough times, simple and kind words can go a long way.

Connect through good food. Together or apart, there’s a different kind of connection good food makes. By serving safely prepared meals, you are essentially expressing love and affection for your family members. Bonding over a hearty meal can even be that single great thing that can evoke a certain sense of “normalcy” during COVID-coinciding happenings.

Spread charity through new traditions. They say that the only permanent thing is change. Along with the changes offered by the pandemic, why not create something good out of it? You can start new traditions that revolve around charity, like making donations to charitable groups or extending a helping hand to a neighbor who lost his/her job due to an infectious disease.