How PBX can pump up your call center software’s productivity?

If you run a business where there is a lot of direct-dealing with customer then having call center software by your side is more than imperative. It is required to contrive an omnichannel communication platform where your customers can call in and place their queries. Powered by AI, this tool plays an important role in customer retention, revenue generation, and telemarketing. 

Though its need for a business can’t be ostracized, its viability in your ecosystem depends on what type of phone number you are using for it. PBX phone number is one of the most loved phone systems for call centers. Businesses across the globe swear by its viability in the call center ecosystem and have testified increased productivity, reduce customer churn, and maximum ROI with PBX. 

So, what is the PBX phone system?

Private Branch Exchange or PBX is a type of business phone system that allows the user to devise multiple phone lines for a single phone number. It connects all the internal phone lines of organizations to the PSTN system and allows routing them as per the agents’ availability. The latest PBX phone system that is winning the heart of call center managers is the IP PBX wherein the use of VoIP phone number is a norm. 

Why your call center needs it? 

Running and managing a call center is not a cakewalk. With phones ringing continuously and customers placing queries after queries, you need to be well-equipped and resourced to manage things. The use of Best PBX Phone System for Small Business in the call center endows you all those much-needed capabilities.

Take a look at them –

Easy calls management

One of the biggest headaches in call center management is handling surging calls. You are getting one after other customers’ calls. It may be related to on-going offers or about the past purchase. The reason behind the call doesn’t matter. What matters is all the calls should be answered properly without long waiting time.

With the PBX system in your call center software, you can create multiple in-house extensions of the same number and answer them all. Its ACD or Automatic Call Distributors is a blessing in disguise for every call center as it auto distribute the calls to the next available agent if the first line is busy. So, no more long call waiting time for customers and no more unequal work distribution.

Introducing self-service portal

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is bliss for call centers. With this feature, you can help the caller to reach the desired destination without any further assistance. Also, it is used to greet them professionally. You can set-up multiple IVR dedicated to each particular department. For example, you can set IVR “for sales inquiries press 1, for new offers press 2, to speak to the customer care press 3. IVR is en easiest way to reduce the burden of the call on your agents and auto-resolve some of the queries. 

A reminder for a callback

If you are doing telemarketing from your call center then some of the clients may ask for a callback after a certain time. Keeping a manual note of all those call back comments is no possibility for an agent. With PBX integrated call center software, you can auto-schedule the callbacks. The system will auto recognize the dispositioned call back and will send a reminder about it. Thus, you will never miss a single business opportunity. 

Continuous call monitoring 

When you run a call center, monitoring your agents’ productivity is important to yield out maximum ROI. You should know which agents are handling how many calls.

The cutting-edge VoIP phone number comes with a call monitoring feature. Using this feature, a manager can join a two-conversation without any hassle. The manager can listen to how effectively the agent is dealing with the customers, how appropriately he is answering the queries and even suggest a solution to the agent without letting it known to the customer. 

If the thing is going out of control from an agent’s hands then the manager can take over the calls at any point of time. This feature ensures that every customer interaction is successful, agents are giving the right solutions, and customers are hanging-up the calls pleasantly. 

CRM integration

The new-age PBX system comes with CRM integration that further streamlines your call center operation. It eliminates the needs of multiple shuffling that you have to do for customer data gathering, analysis, and sharing. With CRM integration, all these operations can be conducted on a single platform. You can check the past purchase history, recording the call, analyze while the caller is still speaking to you.  

PBX phone system integrated with your call center software is not just a beneficial deal for a business, but it brings relief for the customers as well. We are living in an age when customers needed to treat well and hold great importance for any business success. So, render a rewarding experience to your customers and reduce the burden of your agents by using call center PBX systems.