How to book speed dating with Naturally Dating?

Social distance is now upon us. The global pandemic has swept the whole globe. This has affected all social aspects of life. It has also revolutionized the old way of dating. Meeting new people has now become increasingly difficult. The pandemic means that more people are at home, this has seen a rise in the number of singles willing to meet new partners. If you’re one of these singles, looking to connect with others during these challenging times, consider exploring online dating options like bumble likes to increase your chances of making meaningful connections.

Humans are naturally outgoing. It is this trait that makes us uncomfortable while confined in our homes. We want to meet new people, and hence a need for a new way of doing things. Naturally dating aims to solve this by the introduction of speed dating. This technology enables you to meet new people, interact with them and go on dates without leaving your home.

If you want to give online-only virtual speed dating a try, then the best time would be now. The dates run for approximately four minutes and you get to meet 8 to 15 different people. While at the comfort of your sofa. There is hope that the pandemic will ease down and that speed dating will get back to how it used to be. The virtual events try to mimic real-life speed dating events. This will give you an authentic dating experience.

Booking is relatively easy. Naturally dating requires that you first sign up. Once you sign up you get to meet the host. The host will then take you through the entire process. Virtual tables are assigned for two where you get to enjoy a private chat with your first date. The male participants are required to move to the next virtual table once the four minutes are over. The session lasts for about one hour and you can log in using any device.

Once the event is over, naturally dating lists all the names of the participants you interacted with on their website. Participants are then given the option of choosing their desired match. Once the participants choose, matches and publish all the ones that matched. You are then allowed to contact your match and take it further from there. You can arrange a real-life date or a second virtual one.

Virtual speed dating takes place online. You receive an invite link to the event on the day of the event. The event will start at 7:30 pm and will finish at around 8:30 pm. You should join a few minutes earlier to prevent any uneventful delays.

How booking works

You first have to make a booking through the website. A detailed email is then sent to you. It contains all details of what is needed as a participant. It is as simple as that. Naturally dating offers an affordable and interactive way to meet new people. All this through the comfort of your home. This is the best way to keep yourself engaged. You never know you might get a life partner. Speed dating works for all gender, sexuality and age.