How to Break the Chain of Addiction

Addiction of any sort can ruin health and relationships. What started as a harmless recreation activity can turn out to be the worst mistake of your life. If you are caught up in the web of addiction, do not give up. There is still hope and help for you. Caring people are willing to hold your hand as you fight on to get your life back. If you are looking to find addiction medicine in Malibu, CA, to help you get rid of the harmful habit, here is the process to follow:

Admit and decide to change

It is hard to change or drop the addiction if you do not admit or accept the fact that there is a problem, you are ruining your life, and you need to do whatever it takes to change. Taking the initiative and deciding to change should be a personal decision and not because of external pressure.

Get help

Addiction is a sickness you may not overcome on your own. You may need professional help, love, and support from those close to you. It requires more than willpower to get clean and stay away from addiction permanently. Talk to your loved ones and ask them to support you in getting the help you need. Most will be happy to see you clean and healthy again. They will work hard to get you to a detox and or recovery center.

Accept professional help

Addiction may only be broken with professional medical intervention. Once you get a professional to work with, do not be afraid of being vulnerable or helpless, and do not hide your emotions. Some days may be easier than others; therefore, take each day as it comes. After the initial consultation, a drug addiction and rehabilitation expert will recommend a residential or a home detox intervention. You may also need to go through counseling and get medication that may help fight the withdrawal symptoms.

Be willing to fight off your old behaviors

The first few weeks may be challenging, as your body tries to cope without drugs or alcohol. You may suffer from withdrawal systems, which sometimes may be severe and life-threatening. In such a scenario, you may require a specialist’s intervention and comprehensive monitoring. During this period, you will need all the will power to stay clean and not sink back to the addiction.

Stay clean

When the worst is over, you need to replace bad habits with new ones. For instance, you may take up an exercise routine, new classes, or a job that will take up more of your time. If you stay idle, you may be tempted to go back to the addiction. You will also have to cut off some friends and even relocate if possible. During this period, you need a support group and an accountability partner. It is also extremely helpful if you have a reason to stay clean. Whether it is to make your life better, build more meaningful relationships with loved ones, or avoid health complications, ensure you have long term goals.

If you have any form of addiction, talk to your drug and alcohol rehabilitation expert for help.