How to buy Bitcoins with western union ?


Bitcoin, this term has become a new synonym of news. Every day we see a new happening in the world of this cryptocurrency. Be it positive news or negative news bitcoins are always in news. Youth Icon Elon Musk’s promotion is helping the cryptocurrency to follow a bull run. People who never ever believed in cryptocurrency or thought it to be a bubble are now entering the crypto world because bitcoin has proved that how much profitable it can be.
There was a belief in the market that bitcoin is like a bubble that can be burst at any time, with time the cryptocurrency has proved that it is not a bubble it is a full-fledged investment option. And that’s the reason the world’s biggest companies and banks are investing in them. Tesla has even said that it has a better storage value than gold.
The growing popularity of bitcoins has helped the whole crypto industry to come into the mainstream. Now it has become the most popular and profitable industry. The same case is with the bitcoin mining industry, which is also growing steadily due to the rise in bitcoin’s popularity. But people are still confused about where to buy bitcoins and other things. There are a number of exchanges where you can buy and sell cryptocurrency but people are still confused.
This article will help you with the Western Union.

Buy Bitcoins with Western Union

Western Union is the world leader in money transfers. It is spread in all the countries and continents. It is almost popular like PayPal. But PayPal has some restrictions while the Western union has an easy approach to buying bitcoins. And they also provide a feature to its U.S customers that they can use any kind of credit card to buy bitcoin with Western Union.

There are few exchanges through which you can easily buy bitcoins with western union:
BitValve and LocalCoinSwap, among others.

BitValve- It offers a very easy and secure way of buying bitcoins.
First of all, you have to open an account with BitValve. You will get access to your wallet. Then you have to search buy bitcoin. Choose your location, your preferred currency and select a western union as the payment method. You are done with the process.

LocalcoinSwap- You can use this platform to buy bitcoins with western union.. Same as BitValve you will need an account with LocalBitcoins. Then select buy bitcoins from the options. Lastly, select a western union as a payment method.

Western union openly endorse the buying selling of bitcoins which is an exception for a financial services company. It has a much more open approach than PayPal, as it has many rules and regulations in transactions.