How to buy the perfect beeswax candles?

Beeswax candles are rare and expensive. You may find a lot of brands in the market, and everyone is claiming to sell the original ones. Many of them are even ensuring the best quality beeswax tapers online. But, how do you make sure that you’re buying the original one? How do you differentiate a premium quality candle from a poor quality one? I would suggest visiting a physical shop where you can touch and feel the candle before making the purchase.

Here are some tips that you will help you choose the best quality candle.

Check the colour carefully.

While buying beeswax candles, colour is the first thing you need to check as it indicates the quality of the beeswax. Original beeswax candles have a rich yellow-amber colour. If you find the intensity and richness of the paint missing from a beeswax candle, be sure that the candle is made of lower grade beeswax. Low-quality beeswax can also look dirty or muddy. Sometimes, these candles come with a dark green or grey-green cast that will remind you of putty.  However, please note that beeswax can range in color from nearly white to darkish brown, however, the wax is usually shades of yellow, but it really all depends on the purity and type of flowers the bees have visited. For example, when bees gather nectar from primarily goldenrod, the wax will be golden yellow, whereas nectar from buckwheat blossoms will result in a darker wax. This stands to reason since buckwheat honey has a deep, dark brown color, pungent, strong molasses like earthy flavor.

Check for flakes, white spots, or cracks.

High-quality beeswax candles look pure. They won’t have any dirt or any other impurities on them. They will have a depth but no flakes, dark wax, cracks, or white spots on the surface. In some candles, you may find some darker polish under clean beeswax. Those candles are either over dripped or over dipped. What happens, in this case, is that the dirt or dark beeswax gets leaked over it. This is a malpractice that some brands follow. Be aware of them and avoid any beeswax candle that has flakes or cracks on it.

Touch and feel the beeswax candle.

It’s always a good idea to touch the candle before you buy it. Beeswax is smooth and pleasant to touch. Sometimes, you will also come across some beeswax sculpted candles that feel hard and rough. These candles may have hardener added to it. Please don’t buy them. Make sure that your candle feels soft and smooth before you buy it.

Don’t forget to smell the candle.

Always remember that premium quality beeswax candles are all-natural and 100% pure. They always come with a subtle and natural scent that soothes your nerves. Depending on what the honeybees are pollinating, the aroma of the candles may change, but it will always have an aroma of honey. Whenever you pick up a beeswax candle, smell it. If you get any artificial scent, walk out of the shop. Any beeswax candle with an artificial scent added to it is not worth the money that you’re spending on it.

There are some other tricks as well to make sure that you’re buying the best quality beeswax candles. You may find the rolled honeycombs more attractive but always go for the hand-poured candles. Just like you look for cracks and flakes on the surface, check the labels at the bottom of the candles. If you find any cavities or holes there, don’t waste a minute on that candle. Any beeswax having cavities or holes at the bottom is not a pure and original one. 

Also, premium quality beeswax candles never have zinc or lead in their wicks. They will have wicks either made of 100% cotton or cotton with a paper twist. 

Now, you have it all. These tips will help you to look for all the right things you need to for in your candles to ensure that they are the best. If your candle passes the acid test, go for it. Otherwise, it’s not worth your money and time.