How to Care for Golf Clubs

“Take care of your tools, and they will for sure take care of you, too.” – one saying that you can apply to your golfing life. That motto holds true to the tools you take onto the greens, your dear golf clubs.

Not all of the time you are playing golf – of course, there are seasons that won’t let you play. When you are going on a golf break, it is very important to know how to take care of your clubs. You can’t just leave them in the corner and wait until you can play again right?

A golf player, regardless of what skill level he is in, will be really helpless if his golf clubs are broken or are in poor condition. The condition of his equipment that he brings to the sprawling greens might decide his winning or losing a game.

Keep your golf clubs in tip-top condition and it will last as long as you want them to continue playing. Here are some tips you can check out for your clubs:

1.Store Your Golf Clubs Properly

The best way to store your golf clubs between uses or long-term is indoors, as in inside your house or apartment. And never ever store them in the trunk of the car long-term, and most especially in very hot locations.

  1. Always dry your golf clubs after every use

No need to kick up rust and never try to put your clubs away wet. When you’re coming into the golf course after a rainy day, do not forget to give your clubs a quick wipe-down before throwing them back into where you keep them.

  1. Buy, own and use a Golf Towel

A “Golf towel” can mean any towel that you add to your golf bag or a towel made especially for golfers with reinforced eyeholes and fancy wicking fibers, your choice. Do not forget to bring one with you all the time, attach it to your bag, and use it to wipe down the club faces and grips during your round.

  1. Buy and put a golf club headcovers set

A golf headcover is a protective sleeve that is meant to fit over the head of your club while it is not being hit. Make sure you always put one on your club to protect it from damages when you pull them out of the golf bag and stuff them back in. , while jostling in the trunk of a vehicle or on the back of a golf cart.

  1. Clean Those Clubheads

Clean your golf clubs at least every few rounds, making sure that the grooves and etchings on the clubheads avoid dirt and debris. It is easy so I recommend taking some time to clean it.

The better you take care of your golf gear, the better off your wallet and your game will be. Always remember, every warrior must take good care of his weapons and every sports person should look after his sports equipment. Hope the above tips help you do so!