How to Challenge the Views of Climate Change Skeptics

Climate change deniers exist. Unfortunately, we have to deal with people who don’t believe in science. Almost all researches point to the reality of global warming, where humans are the primary source of destruction. We can only find a way out of these problems if everyone does the right thing. With climate change deniers spreading misinformation, we won’t move in the right direction. Therefore, if you know someone who still doesn’t believe in climate change, try to challenge the views. Here’s how.

Prove that it’s possible to do something

Many people are against believing in climate change because they don’t want to do something. They’re too lazy to take the proper steps to solve the problem. It helps if you can prove that specific actions are helpful. From trash segregation to recycling, small steps can help. You can even work with Langley Recycling to help with trash collection and recycling. Show how to do the right thing, and others will consider it.

Use sources

When you try to argue with another person, use sources to back your claim. You can’t tell someone to believe in something if you don’t have facts on your side. So make sure you use different sources to triangulate your information and verify the claims. Otherwise, you can’t convince others to listen to you.

Show what’s happening around the world

Many people have a limited view of the world. They conclude based on what they observe around them. For instance, many people don’t believe in global warming because they live in cold areas. Try to show what’s happening in other parts of the world and how things get connected. Our actions have significant consequences.

Don’t be angry

Sure, it’s frustrating when you talk to someone who doesn’t think global warming is real and manmade. However, you can’t let your emotions get the best of you. The conversation won’t move forward if it comes from a place of anger. Your goal is to change people’s minds, so it helps if you stay calm. You will also feel better when you succeed in challenging their views. If you get enraged while talking to others, your conversation won’t move forward.

Be open to their ideas

You can’t be dismissive when others argue with you. Sure, they don’t have science on their side, but they might have other reasons for being skeptical. For example, some people lost their jobs due to the shift to renewable energy. Their work in the natural gas industry is no longer available. Therefore, you have to be patient in talking to them. They have a reason to be angry at what’s going on, and these issues are personal to them. Try to explain the reality and allow them to contain their emotions.

Hopefully, you can change people’s minds. But, we need to do more if we want to avert this crisis. We don’t have sufficient time left, and it takes everyone to do the right thing.