How To Check Emirates ID Status?

Emirates ID is one of the most important documents for any resident of the UAE. It is only issued once the residence visa UAE is legally stamped into the passport and it is valid as per the visa period. 

Emirates ID can be used for various reasons like application for government services, renting a house, sponsoring dependents, and passing through eGates immigration at the UAE airports. 

To begin with, every citizen has an Emirates ID. However, it has validity. To check Emirates ID status, citizens can visit the FAIC (Federal Authority of Identity and Citizenship) website. 

Checking Status of Emirates ID Application

Once you apply for an ID or renewal, you may track the status online. 

To check Emirates ID status online, enter the existing ID number or registration number of the application. 

Follow the steps below:

  • Go to the FAIC website – Click ‘Check ID Status’ in the menu. 
  • Enter the existing Emirates ID or the Application Number (for new applicants)
  • A pop up appears with the status of the application

Users can always track their ID application status using the website.

In case of any difficulty, contact the helpline number 600 522222.

Getting Emirates ID

You can apply for an Emirates ID during the visa application. Generally, business setup companies or consultancies making residence visa for UAE includes the expenses of ID as well. 

However, the cost of a visa differs based on the authority and the Emirate that issued the same. Cost ranges from 2500 AED to 7000 AED. 

The UAE residency process is as follows:

#1: Apply for Entry Permit

Entry permit is issued either for business setups in the UAE, or company owners, or employees hired by a company based in the UAE. 

Entry permits should be considered as a prerequisite of a residence visa in the UAE. Its validity is for 60 days. During this time, applicants must complete their medical checks.

#2: Mandatory Medical Checkup

Medical checkup has become a basic necessity for the procedure upon entry permit issuance. A medical checkup has to be done at a nominated Preventive Medicine Centre. Mandatory tests for Tuberculosis, Hepatitis B, and AIDS are done. If the test results are good, proceed with the process of visa. If there is any doubt, extra tests may be done. If a disease is confirmed, a resident visa of UAE shall not be granted. 

#3: Emirates ID Application

Apply for Emirates ID at any office of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship. 

To ensure the process becomes faster, many of the offices are located adjacent to the Preventive Medicine Centres. When you apply, your eyes and fingerprints shall be scanned. The Authority System stores the biometric data so that you don’t have to go through the entire scanning process during ID renewal. 

#4: Visa Stamping

The new step to obtain UAE residency is the visa stamping in the passport. These visas are generally valid for up to 3 years. 

Emirates ID validity is related to visa validity.


Emirates ID application and processing is a straightforward process. Candidates can apply with the visa process.